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Java's homepage

My Favorite things about Angelfire.

My Favorite Web Sites

Angelfire - Free Home Pages
Where I have met most of my friends:-)
all kinds of stuff to do
never go anywhere else! *LOL*

Please bear with me..I am new at this..and have to figure out how to put cool stuff on here..*L* Come back in a week..see if I have done anything..*L* ps..if any veteran angelfire users visit.. *not*, email me and give me some pointers.. *smile*

Everytime you visit..this page will be a little different..if you see something you like..e-mail me. I am fiddling with backgrounds and stuff..hope I don't mess anything up..*LOL*

A few words about me..I am 24 years old, I now live in Monterey, of the most beautiful places on the planet..*grin*..:-)I love getting to know people. If you'd like to chat, my icq number is 41473672. If you don't have icq..let me be the one to tell you that if you don't go to right this will regret it..:-) I didn't have a guestbook before, because I didn't figure anyone would sign it..LOL..but a few friends said they would have signed it if I had I did this right..there should be a link down there somewhere..let me know what you think..

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