My Music


Here's some old songs I wrote for a computer game that never got finished, so I figured I might as well put em up here. I'm not sure exactly when I wrote them, but it was 2002 or before since that's apparently the date I actually put them up here.

Also if anyone can tell me how to make it loop email me, I had it using embed but the little player thingies wouldn't show so I did it this dorky ass way instead, bleah.

NOTE: These songs sound fairly retarded, given that I had a different soundcard when I wrote them. They actually sounded like they were supposed to on it. *sigh*

Naiad - Some of the notes aren't quite the right length, but I couldn't help it. (See below.)

Dark Ninja - I don't *think* I meant this one to sound Japanese, but it's hard to remember after so long.

What Did I Just Step On? - That weird sound *used* to sound like raindrops, sort of. This was intended to be the "walking through town" song for the game, and it was only supposed to be the intro, but I never could think of what came afterwards. Oh well.

Again, please excuse the crap. These were written on a program called something or other MIDI Orchestrator, which cost about $40 but luckily my ex (who wasn't my ex yet) gave it to me. Since I couldn't hook the keyboard up to the comp, I had to click and drag all the notes by hand. If I could somehow get a damn expensive setup, I'd redo them with instruments that don't suck, and maybe actually *gasp* finish them.