Stuff About DartMUD That I Wasn't Too Lazy To Post

(Note: if this looks more pathetic than the rest of my site bear with me. Not only am I trying to remember how to do this, I'm dealing with a keyboard that doesn't work half the time.)

DartMUD is located at port 2525

DartMUD (henceforth referred to as DM despite the bitching of all the D&D freaks which I'm pretty sure will happen eventually) can be better explained by its creators and people who've played it a lot longer than I have. But that's not gonna stop me from jabbering about it anyway. ;)

I admit I haven't tried very many muds, but of the ones I've played DM is as good as it gets. Yes it gets boring occasionally but I blame that more on lack of (intelligent) players than anything about the actual game mechanics. The creators have done a damn good job of making the place as fun as possible to play, and unlike with a lot of other muds they actually respond quickly when someone reports a bug or suggests something they think would be a good idea to add that fits the flavor of the game. Of course they're also quick to bitch people out for making stupid suggestions (like Moss and his race homeland of the week ;P) but that's what creators are for. ;)

Ok so what is this DM thing I'm blabbering about anyway? Simply put, a mud where you can do more than kill stuff. Oh yeah there's lots of critters (and players) to kill and the mud has its fair share of fighters. But it's not the only thing to do either. You can learn magic (they have TONS of spells) or thief skills or (and this is where it's unlike most muds I've heard of) you can learn various crafts and make stuff to sell or trade. There's a huge variety, everything from kilts to swords to candles to apple pie. There's so much variety one character could never learn everything (and that's pretty hard to do anyway since some skills conflict with each other i.e. if you learn fighting it's hard to learn magic and so on).

The basic structure is that you pick a race (there's a lot of em too) and influence the stat generation slightly, and based on your stats your char has different aptitudes for various skills. If you have a good aptitude for something it's really easy to start learning but you quickly run out of things to give you improves (imps for short, skill points basically) whereas if your aptitude sucks it's hard to start learning unless you have a kickass teacher but you can get really high doing really simple things with it. It's sort of a trade-off.

And if you're not that into mindlessly practicing skills for ages, well there's a really twisted and involved society and political systems to play around with. Right now there's 7 or so houses consisting of various nobles who get rich and tell people what to do but at least it's free to live there and it's harder to get your stuff stolen.

Ok, more to come later, but for now I'm gonna mud. This sounds pretty much retarded anyway given that I've been trying to mud while writing it but oh well.


DartMUD's website

Webpage of Raven the Creator who can explain this crap more coherently

Advice for newbies

Also visit my IRC channel #dartmud on dalnet. It may or may not be mine long, some of the creators were gonna make one but I know more about IRC than some of them so I made it first. They're probably gonna make me hand it over to them eventually though but oh well.