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Welcome to Krazy's

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cra-zy (Kra'ze)

adj. -zi-er, -zi-iest.
1.Mad : Insane.
2.Informal. Very enthusiastic.
3.Informal. Very impractical.
-cra'zi-ly adv. -cra'zi-ness. n.

me on a saturday night

Hello to one and all.
Glad that you had time to check out my homepage!

A little bit about myself,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:+} I'm 5'10", 170lbs, long brown hair, have a "fu-man-chu, golden brown eye's. From Kansas, wanting to get the firewood cut for the long cold winter night's, get some good book's out to read, and definately stay in the warmest part of our of our house, might even get daring and make a X-rated 'snowangel',like around midnitght,damn sure hoep it snows lots this year,as i have so very many plans,,do you like to play in the snow,,,,,,curious,,,laughin who know's 4 sure, but I would have to take picture's of that,,,,,, and the "fresh snow in the air", just to FEEL alive,,,make's me smile,,,,as my imagination runs around,,,anything is possible :+}

I am married to a very understanding, intelligent, and lovely lady as we have 'laughed our aSS'es oFF' 2gether,,,,,and fun is alway's just around the corner'''she is so beautiful "HIYA" '''''foxy woman'''''"I loVE U2", we have a son together,,,he make's us laugh with his view on life,,,,all I can say is ,,,,,,wowwwwwwwww,,,X's sure have changed,,,,, flower

I just love to chat and make new friend's,as the internet does provide some relaxation (whew,,,talk about an addiction,handing you a Coroan,with a twist of lime in a frozen mug,do enjoy},,,,"BAG"! I am cuRRently trying to figure out the weather, it seems to change from warm n sunny, to cold n sumer, in about 0.2 seconds,ah kansas,ya just gotta luv it exactly thinking the 'twilight zone has got to be 'here''''laughin,,,,,,,, and getting ready to relax around the house,so very much to do,,,,so life goes on,as i do know that we aLL do,i love to shop,,,thinking i need some more credit cards,,,'''n see ya around the net "S" karen, this if for you~ ""For you honey, you're always there for me, when i feel bed, er, bad, in sad times OR horny, um, haPPy times, you always seem to read between the shEEts, i mean lines, and get right to the heart of the maTTreSS, uh, matter, thats whyits so nice being on,,,errr,with you, just gazing lazily into a glowing sunsex,,,,,,i mean sunset,with you by my side,i love you so very much""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""":+} ,,,,,,,,,,"just getting ready for the beautiful "SPRING" day's, i can almost see the cold morning moon,as i close my eYES, almost smell the fire burning at night,and listening to the relaxing sound's of nature, and smiling at my wife,,,,,,as I see the glisten in her eYES,,,, as summer is 'right next to spring'", and do plan on snuggling up close to my lovely wife, as I am sure that she will keep a bif smile on my face,,as my mind twirls :+}
smiley face
I have been on the net since mid-February 1997, I have made so very many friend's,as I laugh and smile with them, I do say 'thank you',and learned so very MUCh,,,griNNin ,,,,damn,,,,,'could I teLL U some StorIE's'''''''' and have had the priviledge of meeting so very many nice people,and so very few bad people,but they are still around the net,.oph well,go figure :+} mouse

My WIFE,ur precious 'foxy' and my SON's homepage.
I love you THE FOX HUNT

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