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Character Profiles

This is a long character profile or nearly every
 character in the entire Dragon Ball series.Dragonball 
Z List Of Characters.

Goku Goku is the hero of Dragonball Z. He is a peaceful, good-natured, honest, trusting, and protective soul. He is also the most powerful warrior on Earth and the first to become a Super Saiyan in over 1000 years. Having honed his skills and strengthened his spirit to a level never achieved by any being on Earth, Goku is able to fly, shoot energy beams from his hands, move at incredible speeds and, when in a pinch, power-up to a fighting level so high it creates an energy aura around his body and makes him turn blond with green eyes... becoming in effect a walking nuclear war. Goku hasn't learned these skills just for fun, his life is forced down this path as he battles the evil Saiyans in the final battle to save the Earth. When the Saiyans arrive on Earth it is a shock in more ways than one. Goku finds out the mysterious secret of his own past: he is Saiyan formerly known as Kakarot who was sent to Earth as a baby with the mission to conquer the planet. Luckily for Earth a near fatal head injury "scrambles" his programming and instead of becoming a destructive super-warrior he becomes an innocent pure-of-heart defender of Earth. Goku was raised by a peaceful, wise old man named Gohan, after whom Goku later names his first son. Goku is always there to help his family and friends and he is very protective of them. If he has a weakness, it is his trusting nature. Goku has many powerful fighting techniques including the powerful Kamehameha Wave and the Kaio-ken which he learns from King Kai. His last and most powerful weapon is an immensely powerful energy ball which garners energy from all sources on the planet, concentrates it into one sphere, and then releases it in one mighty swoop. This ball can be used only once and must be guided carefully for it can destroy the planet if used inappropriately. On Namek Goku goes through alot of pain. While destroying the Ginyu Force Goku is badly hurt and is forced to get inside the Healing Tank on Frieza's Ship. After he is healed Goku goes all out by making a Super Spirit Bomb and almost killing Frieza but it did not. Frieza mad, almost kills Goku but Piccolo saves him and takes the bullet. Then Frieza blows Krillin into a billion pieces and Goku loses it. He becomes the Legendary Super Saiyan. And Frieza is no macth for him. Gohan Gohan, Goku and Chi-Chi's son, was named after his adoptive grandfather. Physically, he resembles a young Goku right down to the tail and the propensity to become an uncontrollable raging Giant Monkey, while spiritually, he is good and pure of heart as well. Because of his protective mother, Gohan starts out as a wimp, but when the Earth is threatened, he reveals his tremendous potential as a fighter and uncontrollably "powers up" in order to rescue his father from a desperate situation. Because of this he is forced into training in preperation for the arrival of the Saiyans. Gohan's training is at the hands of Piccolo because his father is learning the fighting expertise of King Kai. Piccolo and Gohan develop a special bond, which causes Piccolo to step in front of Nappa's mighty blast to save Gohan's life. Gohan's loss of nerve in the battle against the Saiyans cost all his friends dearly. But he is determined to make up for his cowardice by traveling to the planet Namek to find the Namekian Dragon Balls and wish his friends back to life. Gohan's tremedous power is accounted for by the incredible mix between Earthing and Saiyan, which produces an even stronger being than either Human or Saiyan alone. Even though Gohan becomes the most powerful non-fused character, he never attains the love of fighting that Goku has. While the planet Namek Gohan is knocked out by Recoome of the Ginyu Force. But his father comes to save the day. While fighting with Frieza Gohan go at it No Holds Bar when Krillin is stabbed through the chest by Frieza. Gohan's Saiyan power is amazing he is even stronger than Vegeta at point while fighting Frieza. But all is lost in vain. Gohan doesn't stand a chance against Frieza and is almost near death also. Piccolo Piccolo, Goku's onetime arch enemy is the second strongest being on Earth. He wears an extremely heavy cape as constant training for his muscles. He is renowned for his powerful energy blasts as well as his ability to split into two or four seperate entities. Green like a lizard, Piccolo has the ability to regenerate any limbs that he may lose in battle. This comes in handy more than once. Piccolo is a native of the planet Namek. He was reborn from an older, evil Piccolo, who in his last moments of life spat out an egg, which then hatched into this "new" Piccolo. He starts out fighting against Goku to rule the world, but when the Saiyans arrive Piccolo is forced to join forces with Goku and the others todefeat a greater more powerful evil. At first the alliance with Goku is uneasy, but as the story unfolds, their bond becomes stronger. Piccolo even steps in to train Goku's son Gohan for the upcoming battle against the Saiyans. Piccolo is confused by the bond he sees with Gohan and by his own actions. Is he training an opponent who is stronger than him, and why does he risk his life to save Gohan's? Gohan sees the good within Piccolo and their relationship brings this good out of Piccolo. In the showdown with Vegeta and Nappa, Piccolo saves Gohan's life by jumping in from of an energy blast targeted at Gohan. And while in another dimension he trains with King Kai until he can be wished back by Gohan. While on Namek Piccolo fuses with Nail to become the Ultimate Namek. He takes on Frieza but is no macth he is hurt pretty bad. And he is also almost killed by saving Goku's life by taking the hit. Krillin Krillin has been Goku's best friend since they studied martial arts together under Master Roshi as kids. Krillin provides comic relief in tense situations as he tries to keep up with Goku and some of the other more powerful warriors. But don't get the idea that he's a helpless buffoon. A good fighter on his own accord, he's always there to help Goku. He can and has saved his friend's life more than once. In fact, Krillin unleashes an incredibly powerful energy blast shaped like a flying disc that literally slices through mountaintops. Krillin is incredibly dedicated to his friends, especially Goku, and holds friendship in high value. He is willing to fight against the Saibamen and Saiyans even though he doesn't want to die. Goku encourages Krillin to have confidence in his own abilities as Krillin learns to be a remarkable fighter -- that is, for an Earthling.. Krillin volunteers to be one of the crew going to Namek to gather the Namekian Dragon Balls. On this journey he once again gets to prove his loyalty, courage, and fighting skills. His power is enhanced even further by the eldest Namekian, Guru, when he awakens the sleeping power within Krillin. He will need every ounce of this power he has to fight against the evil forces assembled on Namek. While fighting Frieza, Krillin gets stabbed right through the chest and almost dies. Blood is everywhere and Dende heals him. But short after when Goku is revied and think they killed Frieza they didn't and Frieza blows Krillin in to about a million pieces. Vegeta Vegeta travels to Namek in search of the Dragon Balls with the wish for immortality. Discovering he cannot defeat the Ginyu Force alone, he fights with Gohan and Krillin. After Goku defeats the Ginyu's Recoome, Burta & Jeice, Vegeta gets the Kills. Vegeta puts Goku in the Healing Tank hoping to recover him ASAP. While he is alsleep Gohan & Krillin summon the Dragon and Vegeta awakes to see a huge Dragon. He rushes to the Dragon to be imortal but the Eldest Namek dies before he can Grant it and the Dragonballs are turned into stone. While fighting with Frieza, Vegeta knows he cannot beat him so he has Krillin blast him, While Dende refuses to Heal him Vegeta loses it and falls a sleep. Piccolo forces Dende to Heal Vegeta becuase they will need his help. Vegeta is raged at Dende and throws him telling Dende he almost killed him. While the next round Vegeta powers up against Frieza and goes all out and just gives up. Frieza then grabs Vegeta by the neck beating him senseless. When Goku arrives Vegeta tells Frieza that he, Goku. Is the one that Frieza fears. He is the Super Saiyan. Frieza kills Vegeta by blasting him through the heart. While Vegeta still has some power left he tells Goku that Frieza is the one who destroyed thier planet, he is the one who killed Goku's father. Vegeta was even crying because he was helpless against the Evil Frieza Tien: Tien is a three eyed man that is defeated by Goku in a tournament. He later joins the Z warriors and helps out in most of the battles. He is allmost allways acompanied by his best friend Chauzu. Yamcha: Well Yamcha is mostly the "FALL GUY" in the series. He tries to help in the battles but is most of the times to weak to do so. He used to be with Bulma but looses her to Vegeta after cheating on her. Chauzu: Resembleling a little elf Chauzu is Tien's best friend. Chauzu doesn't really fight much though he sacrifised himself in an explosion trying to kill Nappa. To tell you the truth I have never seen Chauzu throw a single punch. Yajirobe: Mostly what he does is bring Goku the senzu beans before a battle allthough he really helps out in the Vegeta battle cutting off the saiyans tail to transform him back into his normal form. Trunks: Son of Vegeta and Bulma.He appears in to forms in the series, when he's a kid and when he's a teen. He appears in teen form when he comes back from the future to kill Freeza who goes to eath and to inform Goku of the terrible things to come and gives Goku some medicine for a heart illness which would have killed Goku. Vegeta used to dislike his son but later on starts to show love toward him sacrifising himself to save Trunks. Bulma: Wife of Vegeta and Mother of trunks. She doesn't play as an important role as all the fighters but she provides all the usefull technoligy to find the dragon balls and travel to space, ect. Chi Chi: Wife of Goku and mother of Gohan and Goten. She is very protective mother and ispises all the fighting because it gets in the way of Gohan's studying. Master Roshi: A perveted old man who used to be Goku and Krillin's trainer. He taught Goku how to do the kameamaha. Kami: Kami was the good half of the old evil Piccolo Goku killed when he was a child. Kami is earth's god and creator of earth's dragon balls. Raditz: Goku's sayian brother who came to earth to see if Goku finished to job he was programed to do on earth. Zarbon: A green haired goon of Freeza. He can become even stronger than normally by transforming into a hideous reptilian monster. Dodoria: A plump pinkish goon of Freeza who has many pointed bumps on his body. Ginyu Force: Put simply they're 5 powerfull goons who doing comical poses during or before fighting. Freeza: A very powerfull being who goes to namec to obtain the dragon balls and become imortal. # 20: An android form of Doctor Gero. # 19: Another creation of Doctor Gero's. # 16: The peacefull one out of the 3 androids, he has a deep apreciating for nature. # 17: The male android who finds destruction fun. # 18: The female android who later gets married to Krillin and they have a child by the name of Maron who was named after Krillins last wife. Cell: A powerfull creation of doctor Gero. He is made up of Cells of all the z warriors and and becomes "Perfect Cell" after absorbing #17 and #18. Babi-di: An evil magician that revives Maijin Buu to destroy everything. Kiao-Shin: The God of the Kaios, he comes to earth to try to stop Babi-di from reviving Maijin Buu. Kibit: Kiao-Shin's lowal assitant.