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The Fushions

                     Dance Fushion
There are only two different fushions, the first is
 this one. Goku learned this during the five years of 
inactivity between the end of the Cell Game and before
 Gohan started school at Orange Star High School. As 
the name suggests, the major requirement for this type
 of fusion is to have the two people involved in the 
fusion perform a dance, which are mirror images of 
each other, resulting in a new warrior, who has the 
attributes of the two warriors who formed the new one.
 When performed successfully, the newly formed warrior
 will be significantly stronger.
                    Potara Fushion
The fusion technique of choice for Kaioushins which
 time forgot, this technique is allegedly hundreds of
 times better than the Dance Fusion. For fusion to 
happen, two people only need to wear the ear-rings of
 a Kaioushin. (Note that while this fusion was
 supposed to have been permanent, its properties seem
 to wear off under unexpected conditions, like being
 inside the body of a magical being...)
                    Ro Kaiou-Shin
The first fushion was done about 75 million years ago.
 The young and strong Ro Kaiou-Shin was fused with an
 old witch. Ofcourse, he didn't want to fuse, but he 
fused by an error made by the witch. The witch thought
 that the earings were only for women, so she took one
 of the Potara earings an putted it on her ear fusing
 her with Ro Kaiou-Shin. The fusion had it's good
 side, from the fusion, Ro Kaiou-Shin got all the
 witches' powers but he looked a lot like the old ugly
 witch. Thanks to the his new magic powers, he was 
able to defeat Buu and keep him locked for a long 

This fushion occured between Kaiou-Shen and Kibit. It
 was done with the Potara earings to show Gokou how to
 use correctly this earings. In the only thing this 
fushion helped was when Kaiobit saved the Z-Squad from
 Buu and make a trip to the new Namek to make 3 
This fushion occured when Buu said that he will
 destroy the earth. Gokou and Piccolo started training Goten and Trunks and then this fushion was born. Gokou
 also learned this fushion after. First, Gotenks could
 only go SSJ1, but lately, it got up to SSJ3 

Buu doesn't need to use any techniques to fuse with
 some one, he just have to eat it to get his power,
 and he also starts looking like the guy he just ate.
 With each "snack", Buu was getting stronger and

This fushion occured when Vegeta and Gokou had to fuse
 to defeat Janemba. When Janemba was created, he
 opened a portal between hell, heaven, and earth. 
Vegeta was kind of embarrased to fuse in such way, but
 due to the circumstances, he acepted to fuse. 

                       Gogeta SSJ4
This fushion occured when Gokou SSJ4 and Vegeta SSJ4 
had to fuse to defeat Il-Shenlong. This fushion only 
lasted for 5 minuted, because there was nothing in 
this world that could hold such a big power for more 
time. Gogeta SSJ4 defeated Il-Shenlong with a Big Bang
 Kame Hame Ha x10. 

After Gotenks was defeted by Buu, Vegeta and Gokou 
used the Potara earings to fuse into Vegetto. Vegetto 
was a lot stronger that Buu, but when Vegetto got into
 Buu's inside to save his friends, the strange things 
that were inside Buu made Vegetto unfuse. Vegeta was 
very happy when he unfused. 

This fushion is an error that occured when Gokou and 
Vegeta tried to fuse, but the fushion went wrong and 
the fused into Veku, and then they had to wait 30 
minuted to try to fuse again. 

This fushion occured in the Cell saga, when the 
androids came and Piccolo saw that they had no chance
 against them. He asked Kami-Sama to fuse with him, 
and after a while, Kami-Sama decided to fuse.
                       Super 17
This fushion occured between Android #17 and 
Artificial #17, which was creted in hell and escaped
with all Gokou's enemies, such as Cell, Freezer, etc. 
Gokou defeted Super 17 with the dragon punch attack. 

                           Super 13
This is a fushion between Android #13, Android #14 and
 Android #15. This fushion gave #13 a super strength 
that almoust killed Gokou. Gokou defeated Super 13