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Descendants of John W Faylor

Generation No. 1

William L. Faylor Family

1. John W1 Faylor was born 1804 in PA, and died Unknown. He married (1) Unknown Wife Abt. 1826 in IL. He married (2) Polly Meacham February 21, 1839 in Ottawa, LaSalle, IL. He married (3) Elizabeth ??? Barnes Abt. 1846.

Notes for John W Faylor:

Much of what we "think" we know about this family is not documented and is, therefore, entered here as speculation and conjecture from which others may find leads.

1850 Federal Census, Grundy County, City of Mazon: The John Faylor listed in dwelling 55, Mazon IL, in 1850 is likely John W Faylor (senior) married to a third wife, a widow Elizabeth ???? Barnes. We are basing this on the two Barnes children, ages 17 and 10. Sarah is 2 years old and likely the daughter of this union. William is probably not listed in the census for one of at least two reasons -- the date of the census is the date the census was completed (records compiled from visitation entries) and not the start date, therefore William was not born when the residence was enumerated; or, William was newborn and not named and not listed as he was under one month old. The 1st is probably more likely.

The John W. Faylor, age 22 b c.1827/28, in dwelling 61 is likely a son of John Faylor and a first wife. A full brother to Alfred and Samuel, 1/2 brother to Sarah and William and step brother to the Barnes children. Since this John and his wife Eliza A are married within the year (1850), they have no children. This rules out what we had thought a possibility of Sarah being their child and thus a grandchild of John and Eliza in dwelling 55.

This does not prove Sarah is the child of John (sr.) and Elizabeth. She could still be a Grandchild living with the family. We need more documentation. The 1860 census might help. If both William and Sarah are with this family in 1860 it would add to the circumstantial evidence.

If this John Faylor marries Polly Meacham in 1839 and they had three children (Josiah, Columbus, and Lydia) over a time span of 1840 to 1846, that would be a child every two years. Quite possible and likely. John now marries the Elizabeth ??? Barnes Widow, Sarah being born in Oct 1847. We now have John married to three wives sequentially:

Married unknown wife about 1826, his age about 22


John W. (Jr) b. 1827

Alfred b. 1829

Samuel b. 1832

Married Polly Meacham 1839, his age about 35


Josiah b. 1840

Columbus b. 1842

Liddy b. 1844

Married Elizabeth ??? Barnes about 1846, age 42


Sarah b. Oct 1847

William b. Oct 1850

From Janice Faylor Stenger "I have the marriage notice of Mary Meacham Galloway (who had been married before and had several children by John Galloway) and John Faylor in 1839"; Marriage records of LaSalle County IL, p23. [LaSalle and Grundy Counties are next to each other.]

Notes for Polly Meacham:

From Janice Faylor Stenger, October 29, 1998:

Marriage records of LaSalle Co. 1831-1855 shows John Faylor and Polly Meacham Galloway were married in Ottawa, La Salle Co. Ill. (on page 23 of the marriage record, Faylor mistyped as Taylor which often happens.). Josiah was born in Grundy Co. Ill. according to his baptism records when he turned 13, so say my LDS relatives on the Galloway side. U.S. census for 1850 Iowa, Pottawattanie Co. Dist 21, Josiah Faylor is living in the household of his half brother, Charles Wesley Galloway and wife Anna Cutler Galloway and their one year old son, George Riley Galloway.

1860 census, Smith's Ranch, Sonoma County has Mary Meacham Galloway Faylor in the household of her daughter and son in law, Eleanor Galloway Curtis & James H. Curtis. Report of Nauvoo [Hancock County, IL], 1839-1846, Early members, are listed Mary Faylor and her Faylor children, Josiah (but misspelled Jonah, Columbus and Lydia. No husband was listed. Also listed were Charles Wesley Galloway, Mary Williams Galloway, George Galloway, Harriet Galloway, Rosannah Galloway...her daughter Eleanor did not appear on the list.

So, it seems by April 6, 1844 Polly (Mary Meacham Galloway) Faylor was in Nauvoo with her children...perhaps the Mormon religion is what separated them...we don't know. But from there, she was next in California with Eleanor.

Her son, my g-grandfather Josiah Faylor, was counted in a census in 1860 as a 20 year old Pony Express Rider in Utah at Willow Springs Station. Her children it appears were scattered from Nauvoo to Salt Lake to California.

Marriage Notes for John Faylor and Polly Meacham:

Information about this marriage is purely speculation as of 1998. We have no documentation. Janice Stenger may be able to furnish more information as she is descended from this line.

There are Meachams listed in 1850 IL Census in Grundy County.

Children of John Faylor and Unknown Wife are:

2 i. John W2 Faylor, born 1827.

3 ii. Alfred B Faylor, born Abt. 1829.

4 iii. Samuel Faylor, born Abt. 1832.

Children of John Faylor and Polly Meacham are:

+ 5 i. Joshia2 Faylor, born November 18, 1839 in Grundy County, IL; died July 27, 1906 in Guerneville, CA.

6 ii. Columbus Faylor, born Abt. 1842.

7 iii. Lydia Faylor, born Abt. 1844.

Children of John Faylor and Elizabeth Barnes are:

+ 8 i. Sarah Ann2 Faylor, born October 13, 1847 in Grundy County IL; died December 10, 1915 in Gutrie, Logan Co. OK.

+ 9 ii. Wlliam Leslie Faylor, born October 13, 1850 in Grundy County, IL; died September 28, 1914 in Eureka, Greenwood County, KS.