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1957 ASA Slowpitch World Tournament

Held at Toledo OH

Final Standings

Team Record
1-Gatliff Auto Sales, Newport KY 6-1
2-McAdenville NC 6-2
3-Lotus Club, Pittsburgh PA 4-2
4-5&10 Tap, Milwaukee WI 4-2
5-Westwood Merchants, Dayton OH 4-2
5-Sheffield Bronze, Cleveland OH 4-2
7-Viking A.C., Wantagh NY 3-2
7-Spot Tavern, New Kensington PA 3-2
9-Knoxville Police, Knoxville TN 3-2
9-Rip's, Detroit MI 2-2
9-Cincy Mat Stoppers, Staten Island NY 3-2
9-Macomber Inc., Canton OH 2-2
13-Neighborhood Inn, Toledo OH 2-2
13-Homer's Boys, Louisville KY 2-2
17-Ethiers Cafi, Wooster MA 2-2
17-Hill City Club, Rome GA 2-2
17-Snafu Club, Sheboygan WI 1-2
17-Ben's Bar, Sidney OH 1-2
17-Dutt's Drug, Akron OH 1-2
17-Latonia A.C. , Newport KY 1-2
17-Amer. Legion Post #435, Minneapolis MN 1-2
17-Armands, Sandusky OH 1-2
25-Rochester, New York 0-2
25-Country Charm, Toledo OH 0-2
25-Elks-295, Warren OH 0-2
25-2424 Club, Minneapolis MN 0-2
25-Rosmarin Reality, Cincinnati OH 0-2
25-Marion Grill, Columbus OH 0-2
25-Duraflex, Buena Vista VA 0-2

The Results of Northern Kentucky Teams