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1956 ASA Slowpitch World Tournament

Held at Cleveland OH

Final Standings

Team Record
1-Gatliff Auto Sales, Newport KY 5-0
2-Lang's Pet Shop, Covington KY 7-2
3-West End Merchants, Jefferson County KY 4-2
4-Dormont Boosters, Pittsburgh PA 4-2
5-Green Seven, Milwaukee WI 4-2
5-McAdenville NC 2-2
7-Helf Builders, Cleveland OH 4-2
7-Westwood Merchants, Dayton OH 2-2
9-Jefferson Grill, Rochester NY 2-2
9-Elk's, Warren OH 1-2
9-Roth Drugs, Canton OH 1-2
9-Sheffield Bronze, Cleveland OH 1-2
13-Dave's Bar, Minneapolis MN 2-2
13-Spot Tavern, New Kensington PA 2-2
13-Rips, Detroit, MI 1-2
13-Dutt's Drug, Akron OH 1-2
17-Cincy Matthews, Staten Island NY 1-2
17-Maltese Drug, Wantagh NY 1-2
17-Blue Grass Cafi, Louisville KY 1-2
17-Heilman's Lagers, Sheboygan WI 0-2
17-West Park Methodist, Columbus OH 0-2
17-Fire and Police, Rossville GA 0-2
17-Eureka Bar, Cincinnati OH 0-2
17-Green Oak Inn, Toledo OH 0-2
25-General Show Corporation, Frankfort KY 0-2
25-Exchange Club, Sandusky OH 0-2

The Results of Northern Kentucky Teams