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1954 ASA Slowpitch World Tournament

Held at Louisville KY

The Teams and Final Standings

Team Record
1-Waldeck's Tavern, Cincinnati OH 6-0
2-National Fruit, Pittsburg PA 6-2
3-Peerless Woolens, Rossville GA 3-2
4-Shield's Contractors, Newport KY 4-2
5-Oertels Stars, Louisville KY 3-2
5-Fire Fighters, Cincinnati OH 2-2
7-Keenland Bar, Covington KY 2-2
7-Delco, Dayton OH 2-2
9-Kluggs, Hamilton OH 2-2
9-Sterling, Louisville KY 2-2
9-Continental Can, Pittsburg PA 1-2
9-Early Times, Louisville KY 1-2
13-Boisel Tire, Springfield OH 0-2
13-Forks of Elkhorn, Frankfort KY 0-2
13-Schwede, Cleveland OH 0-2
13-RBM, Knoxville TN 0-2
17-Engineers, Chattanooga TN 0-2
17-Twin City Automatics, Minneapolis MN 0-2

The Results of Northern Kentucky Teams