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Bo Stuntebeck

Bo's ASA World Tournament History



"In my opinion, Bo was the best hitter I have ever seen in slow pitch, hitting both the long ball and able to punch out the short hit." ....Hal Wiggins, ASA Hall of Famer

"Bo was a sturdy built (5'11", 250 lbs.) fierce competitor and well coordinated athelete with an extraordinary pair of hands and arms for turning the double play. A team motivator, intimidating opponents and umpires was his specialty, but off the field he was well respected." ....Bill Cappel, long time Northern Kentucky fastpitch player and slowpitch organizer and umpire

Bo played in 7 ASA World Tournaments, including one fastpitch tourney. Bo played in four of the first five slowpitch championship games of the open division: 1953, 1955, 1956, 1957. Bo played on three world championship teams and was named to the All World team twice. In the three championship games in which Bo's team was the victor, Bo was 9 for 12.

Bo's usual position was second base, and his usual batting position was cleanup. Sporting a crew cut and up to 250 pounds of muscle, Bo was an imposing player at second base and at the plate. Even with his size, Bo had good footspeed and quick hands to go along with emmence power at the plate. Bo could flat out crush the ball to any field. But when the opponent's outfielders played him too deep, he could hit it in front of them.

In 1953, one of the teams Bo played for was Shield's Contractors of Newport Kentucky. After winning the Kentucky state title, Shields went on to the take the first World title by defeating the Pittsburg Merchants 13-1 in the finals of the tournament held in Cincinnati Ohio. Bo paced the attack for Shield's going 3 for 4.

Going into the 1954 world tourney, Shield's was 102-8 during the 1953 and 1954 seasons, and were playing against some of the best talent in the country in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, the locale that produced 9 of the first 13 ASA National Champions. In 1954, when Shields was defending its World title in Louisville, Bo had other obligations and did not plan on making the tournament. After Shield's lost a game on Saturday, Mr. Sheilds called Bo and told him he would fly Bo to Louisville and back if he he would play Saturday. Bo flew down Saturday, and Shields won all of their games by wide margins on Saturday. Bo had 6 hits in 9 at bats with 3 homeruns and 2 doubles. He made the All World team for a single day of play.

In 1955, Bo was still playing with Shield's. But when Lang's Pet Shop of Covington earned a berth to the big dance in Pittsburg, they picked up Bo to play second. Lang's went on to win the title over 23 other teams. The box score for the final victory over Tressler Commets of Cincinnati showed that Bo, batting cleanup, was 3 for 5 with 2 singles, a double, and an RBI. He was again named to the All World team.

1956 found Bo a regular member of Lang's Pet Shop. The Langmen went to Cleveland to defend their title. After dropping the first game of the tournament, Lang's won their next 6 to make it to the finals. Their opponent was one of their league rivals Gatliff Auto Sales of Newport. Though Lang's had defeated Gatliff in all three of their previous meetings that season, Gatliff broke the jinx with a 2-1 victory.

In the 1957 tournament, Bo was playing for Gatliff, who won the title over 48 other teams in Toledo Ohio. The box score shows that in the championship game, Bo batted 5th, and went 3 for 3 with a single, a double, and a home run.

1958 was Bo's last fling with the world tournament, playing once again for the defending World champion Gatliff squad.

Bo's career spanned from 1939 - 1969