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Eps. 5 For the Love of Goddess

~Hint: About picture~

*********Continue from #4....Belldandy is being called back to heaven in 3 days at 10 am on Christmas day (?). She is horrified at the withered cherry tree. Keiichi is depressed that Belldandy is being recalled. He goes to Belldandy's room but Skuld stops him from entering, telling him that he should realize the consequence of being in close proximity to Belldandy. Urd joins in and tells Keiichi to hold back. Keiichi goes back to the study but finally decides that he needs to talk to Belldandy. He goes back to her room, standing outside the sliding door, and Belldandy wants to let him in. He tells Belldany not to open the door and not to come closer. He apologizes for earlier asking Belldandy to answer the mystery surrounding the cherry tree (remember in OAV 4 near the end, he walks toward Belldandy and things break left-and-right?) He then leaves for the part-time jobs that his sempei has found for him. Belldandy sheds a few tears. Keiichi works a lot of odd jobs to buy Belldandy a gift for Xmas. He sees a really pretty ring in a jewelry shop and remembers the time when he did not have money after the race in OAV 3 to buy Belldandy a ring she liked. Despite the price tag of 58000 yen he resolves to get it for Belldandy. Meanwhile, Belldandy is working hard on knitting a sweater for Keiichi as a parting gift. Skuld is happy that Belldandy is returning to heaven, but Urd talks Skuld into working out something that will stop the cherry tree from releasing more bugs and also breaks the abnormal bond between Belldandy and Keiichi that causes more bugs to appear when they get close. She said that it was for the good of Belldandy. Skuld works away in front of a computer sustained by lots of ice cream. Belldandy walks in, and they scramble to turn of computer off. Neither Urd nor Skuld wants Belldandy to know what they are up to. Skuld tries to shut off the monitor. When Belldandy leaves, Skuld cries and tells Urd that she accidentally shut the computer off instead and that she lost all the work she had done. everybody, two days pass. Belldandy marks the day of departure on a calender. Keiichi gets really tired and calls home to tell Belldandy not to wait for him for dinner. Belldandy is sad after hanging up the phone. She stays up waiting for Keiichi to come home. She is not herself, even not hearing the whistling tea kettle when she boils water. Keiichi comes home really late and falls asleep at the entrance hallwall. Urd uses her magic to put him to bed and lights up some incense so he will have a good rest (and sweet dreams?). Keiichi dreams about all the good times he had with Belldandy, but he keeps remembering the times he does not keep a promise to Belldandy, especially not having money at end of OAV 3. Next morning, he leaves early and leaves Belldandy a note asking her to be sure to wait for him before she goes back to heaven. Skuld has found a way to deal with the bug problem so Urd and Skuld start working in the courtyard. Skuld starts drawing some elaborate figure on the ground, and Urd cites some incantation that spreads a bunch of pebbles in a circle. (According to 2nd hand info: the magic circle is designed to release enough energy in the hope of disrupting the energy field of the cherry tree that causes the bugs to appear). Belldandy starts erasing evidence of her in the house. She wipes out letter, pictures, toys, etc. She looks at a photograph holder which has pictures of her and Keiichi at the beach, them and the rest of the gang after the cycle race, etc. The memory brings her to tears, but she erases her image anyways. The sweater is done, and she wraps it up and puts it on Keiichi's desk, asking Kami-sama just this one thing that she can leave for Keiichi. That done, with only minutes before scheduled time, she changes back into the clothes she wore when first appearing in front of Keiichi back in OAV 1. There is a long transformation sequence. She walks out to the courtyard and recognizes what Urd and Skuld were doing. She tells them not to do it for her sake because Kami-sama would punish them. Keiichi is running out of time. He rushes to the store, buys the ring, and makes it home just as the gate to heaven opens up (it's a shaft of light from above, but I gather from the manga that leads to the gate of heaven.) He runs to the courtyard just as Belldandy is being lifted off the ground.( Belldandy at the gate to Heaven ) He struggles to reach for Belldandy, telling her that even though she is not able to keep her promise of staying with him, he remembers his promise to get her a ring (OK, how close did I come on these exchanges? My Japanese is quite weak.) The force field generated by the shaft of light makes it impossible for him to reach Belldandy, and he gets blown back. Yet he tries again. Belldandy is telling him to stop trying to reach her for his safety. The diagram drawn by Skuld is finished, and Urd activates the spell. Blinding flash...explosion.... Urd is lying on the ground. She recovers her senses and rises. Skuld is knocked silly and is uttering "ice cream....". Belldandy gets up and rushes to Keiichi, who is unconscious on the ground. Urd slaps Skuld a few times trying to wake her up. Keiichi appears dead, and Belldandy cries in anguish. Skuld asks Urd whether Keiichi is dead, and Urd says no, but Keiichi's fading fast and needs help to bring his consciousness back. She asks Belldandy to "go in" and bring Keiichi around. Belldandy touches her forehead to Keiichi's and starts a journey down memory lane. In the following Keiichi's voice is still the grown-up Keiichi's as he remembers the past and converses with Belldandy. Belldandy's voice is Belldandy's voice except the part I mark *. When Keiichi is little, one day he sees a shaft of light coming down on a nearby hill. He runs to the hill to the old 'otera' (the one in OAV 1, help, off hand I forget how to translate this...) and into the light, feeling it to be warm and soft. Little Bell-chan is there, standing underneath a tree (the cherry tree). She comes to visit earth (anyone knows the reason?) *She asks Keiichi to be her friend, and they spend the next week playing together. (Little Bell-chan's voice is done by Urd's seiyuu) Bell-chan likes some pretty rings at a toy-for-sale (for lack of better terms ^_^;;) cart, but little Keiichi does not enough money to buy them for her. He asks Bell-chan to promise to meet him the next day, and they promise by hooking their little pinkies. Little Bell-chan does not know at that time that being a Goddess, she is not old enough to make such a promise, and Kami-sama gets really mad at her. She is to erase Keiichi's memory of her visit or be put to death (someone corrects me, this seems too severe). Little Keiichi is disappointed that Bell-chan does not show up at the meeting spot and runs to where they first meet. He finds Bell-chan crying at the tree. Bell-chan tells him that she needs to erase his memory, and little Keiichi tells her to go ahead. Bell-chan generates a ball of light and touches it to Keiichi's forehead, erasing his memory, but promises herself that one day she will return and thus keeps her promise even though Keiichi would not remember the promise. (Hitoshi said that the cherry tree now holds the memory of these events, I hope I did not misquote you Doi-san). As the flash-back sequence ends, we see Belldandy's image fading away while Belldandy sadly tells Keiichi that she has kept her promise and has returned to his side, but she will need to erase the memory of her from his mind again.... Keiichi opens his eyes and sees Belldandy. He asks about the her being recalled, and Belldandy replies that she needs to ask Kami-sama about what to do next. A lightning bolt strikes next to them, bringing a plaque with Kami-sama's message. Urd goes to read it: "The leak of bugs to the human world is stopped, and 1st level, 2nd category goddess Belldandy can stay on earth". Belldandy throws her arms around Keiichi, crying in joy. Urd sees that there is more message.... "2nd level 2nd category goddess Urd uses a spell without permission and is punished to stay on earth another 30 days" (Urd does not like it).... "Skuld's training is to continue on earth, and she may not return to Heaven until she has taken care of all the bugs that have leaked out". Keiichi gives Belldandy the ring.... At night, Urd's magic creates Christmas lights on the cherry tree( Urd lights up the Cherry tree ).....******* Hey, write to me on e-mail bye clicking on my Mail Box: Luv Ya Tons <3 Belldandy ****************************************************

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