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Eps. 1 Moonlight and Cherry Blossoms

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******The anime opens with NIT (Nekomi Institute of Technology) student Keiichi on telephone-duty for the older students. Since he's hungry he tries in vain to have some food delivered to him. Irritated, he dials a number at random and is surprised to hear that he's reached "The Relief Goddess Office." He's even more surprised when, moments later, Belldandy magically appears through a mirror on the wall, telling him that she'll grant him a single wish. After thinking a bit, he wishes for someone like her to stay with him forever. Belldandy interprets this as Keiichi wanting her to stay with him forever... After she has granted Keiichi his wish, Keiichi's sempais (senior students) arrive, and they are thrown out of the student dorm - no females are allowed. They go apartment hunting without any luck, and end up seeking cover from the heavy rain in an old, derelict temple. Belldandy is exhausted and faints, having drained her powers saving them from crashing into a car. After searching through all his stuff for something to dry her with (she's soaked from the rain), he gives up and covers her with the only blanket he has.( Belldandy in his blanket )Since he hasn't got anything to dry himself with, or any more blankets, he faints (remember, he's soaked too and very cold). When Belldandy wakes early next morning, she is shocked to see Keiichi lying ill on the floor. She cries, and blames herself. "It was for me." Using her powers again, she heals Keiichi and walks outside. There, calling on the temple's memories, she restores the temple to its original, beautiful shape. Later, when Keiichi awakes, Belldandy tells him they've received permission to live there. Wasting no time, they get to work on furnishing the temple, spending a lot of money in the process. Keiichi is worried about how little money they've got left, but Belldandy tells him that problem will soon be solved. Belldandy stands up to get some tea and Keiichi follows to help. He slips on an empty can, and they fall in the classic love story position. And, just as they're about to share their first kiss ( Kiss )... "Oooops! Bad timing!" Megumi, Keiichi's younger sister, arrives... Megumi asks to stay with them for a couple of weeks while she's apartment hunting, and Keiichi reluctantly lets her. She then hands him an envelope containing 40,000 Yen - the money was really for use while she was apartment hunting, but since she's staying in the temple, she won't need the it. Then suddenly all the senior students show up outside the temple - they want to have a party to celebrate Keiichi and Belldandy's new place. Later Keiichi walks outside to relax a bit from the party (which is still going strong inside! :-) and Belldandy comes out to join him. Sitting there in the moonlight, they enjoy each other's company while the air is filled with cherry blossoms...****** To send me an e-mail, click on my Magic Mail Box: Buh Bye, luv ya tons <3 Belldandy ******************************************************

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