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Monday, June 7, 1999 Top Stories

Follow-up: Mr. Saturns and Tendas: The Lost Family

Written by: Apple Kid

This article is a follow-up of the previous week's article entitled: Mr. Saturns and Tendas: The Lost Family. If you don't know what I'm talking about, refer to the Articles section.

The research that was conducted by many scientists was all in vain, for now all evidence related to the Mr. Saturn and Tenda connection was destroyed in an electrical fire on Saturday night. The building where the evidence was held and being studied was the Fiville Natural History Museum. It was reported that the fire started when powerlines were cut in a violent storm that night. The powerlines came too close to the power generator of the museum and sent a power surge through the buildings wiring. No lives were lost in this tragedy.

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Coffee Raid in Fourside

Written by: Ness

In a recent burglary on Thursday at Jackie's Cafe, many of the bags of the "Rich Mountainy Coffee Goodness" brand of coffee beans were stolen. The owner of the establishment said the coffee beans were from the mountains of the Not-So-Deep Darkness nation. "The [coffee]beans are the best in the world, and many of my enemies would like to get their hands on it," said a rather paranoid Jackie. The local FSPD(Fourside Police Department) stated that the burglary may have been related to the recent mysterious appearance and disappearance of the Twoson crook, Everdred. As the police handle this matter further, a follow-up article will be posted.

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