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KINGSTON 15 Pocket Yacht Plans
A personal weekender for 2.

The Kingston 15 is the perfect downsized trailerable cruising boat. By just hooking up the trailer one can attain freedom romance and adventure at a moments notice. The Kingston 15 demonstrates a safe, stable and compact pocket yacht design. With only seven inches of draft, the craft is easy to launch and retrieve. It’s trailer weight at about 1000-1500 lbs. which will allow it to be towed by most any vehicle.

This craft opens an unlimited realm of cruising grounds forbidden to its deep drafted cousins. The Kingston 15 is not a blue water boat, but it does offer you your own piece of "waterfront property". It is very much at home on inland lakes providing endless lazy weekends of quiet coving out.

The Kingston 15 is constructed of marine, exterior or MDO plywood using tack and tape method. The design theme remains a single constant ... simplicity. Simplicity in design, construction, and operation. Costs are kept down through the selection of readily available materials and hardware. Many negatives commonly associated with other trailer sailor designs are eliminated if not turned to an advantage in the Kingston 15 design scheme.

Overall the Kinston 15 offers many features commonly found in boats of much larger displacement. It provides you with a personal piece of waterfront paradise for sailing; relaxing and sunning yet provides comfy cozy nightly haven and a dry comfortable refuge during inclement weather.

The Kingston 15 design includes almost 950 lbs. of positive floatation (from Styrofoam), and therefore (with a boat weight of 750 lbs.) the boat cannot sink, even if you chainsaw a hole in the bottom!

There is no centerboard trunk to obstruct the cabin and no center mast post to divide the bunks. What you have is unbelievable storage and living space. You will be amazed with the amount of room inside the cabin.

The common "centerboard" is offset as not to interfere with the cabin sole.
The Kingston 15 features a simple yet efficient sloop rig, with the mast step
mounted on deck atop a laminated inverted "V" bulkhead inside the cabin.

All sail control lines can be color-coded and are and easy reach from the cockpit,
which is perfect for single-handed sailing.

A high freeboard provides a safe dry ride. Full sitting headroom inside the cabin along
with (2) 6'7" berths and storage lockers underneath. Storage lockers are not commonly featured in
a 15' boat design. There even is a place for a charting table with electronics and radio above! You can see the headroom and legroom for sitting at the charting table or lounging
on the spacious bunks. The model figures are roughly 6' tall.

The cockpit provides ample cruising seating for four, or lounging room for two. The cockpit also features under seat storage lockers and are incorporated into the seat backs. Compared to most 15' pocket cruiser designs the Kingston 15 features a smaller cockpit and larger design. This makes the Kingston 15 a perfect overall weekender design.

This cutaway view shows frames, berth top and other details. The daggerboard location is shown port side (left) and space is available for a porti-potty.

Here the plan side view shows the outstanding headroom inside the Kingston 15 cabin.
There is lots of headroom for sitting at the charting table and relaxing on the bunks.
A gear hammock can be installed inside the cockpit from the inverted "V" bulkhead
to the forward section of the cabin. This "gear hammock" gives additional storage for
shoes, jackets and clothes.

The bridge deck of the Kingston 15 is the same height as the cockpit seats. The lower
hatch board is 6" higher than the seats, which makes it possible to sail with the hatch
board removed in all but the worst conditions.

The Kingtson 15 features a fractional sloop rig. The mast is held up by the forestay and two side stays angle back from the mast and end up at the chain plates on either side of the deck.

The main and cabin hatches are designed to hinge up, but could be built to slide forward.

This is what the Kingston 15 looks like from the top. Pre-manufactured bow pulpits are available. With the addition to railing around the transom of the craft allows mounting options for such items as a bbq grill, solar chargers or fishing rod holders.

A side view of the Kingston 15 showing the water line.

Kingston 15 Specifications
Length Overall 15'- 2 1/2"
Length Waterwater Line 14'-2"
Beam 6'-2"
Draft-Board Up 0'-7"
Draft-Board Down 2'-11"
Ballast 147 lbs cement
115 lbs steel
Displacement 1279 lbs
Cabin Headroom 4'-3 1/2"
Cockpit Size 6'-6"x4'3 1/2"
Sleeps 2 adults
(2)6'-7" berths
Day Sails 2-4 adults
Total Sail Area 120 sq ft
Sail Area-Main 74 sq ft
Power 2-9.9 hp
long shaft
Material Plywood
1/4" sides, 1/2" bottom
Covering Fiberglass/paint
Estimated Building Costs $3000.00 USD

Kingston 15 Materials List Quantity
Wood 1/2” Exterior Plywood or MDO
1/4” AC Exterior Plywood or MDO
16’ Clear grain 2x6
10 Sheets
11 Sheets
4 Pieces
Hardware 1 Ό” #18 Wire Nails
1” #12 Ring Nails
1” or 1 Ό” Smooth Copper Nails
7/8” #10 Silicone Bronze Flat Head Nails
Various Length Pan-Head SS Screws
1 Small Box
2 lbs.
1 lb.
5# Box
1 lb Box
Epoxy, Glass, Filler 3” Glass Tape
Epoxy and Hardener
Epoxy Filler
38” 10 oz Cloth
3M 5200 Bedding Compound
100 Yards
5 Gallons
10 lbs
40 Yards
2 Cartridges
Miscellaneous 3/4” Masking Tape
Kraft Masking Paper
Styrofoam for Flotation
3/4” x Ύ” Angle Iron or Aluminum for Step Brace
2 Rolls
2 Rolls
15 Cubic Feet
2 Feet

NOTE: This Materials List does not include the Rigging, Sails and Deck Hardware.

Click here to see construction photos.

A special thanks goes to John Hylands for creating the Kingston 15 3d models.
Click here to visit Jon’s construction page.

Detailed plans make lofting to MDO panels a breeze.

Plans include: (8) Detail Packed, 18" x 24" Sheets.

Payment Options

Option 1.

For Kingston Pocket Yacht Plans to be shipped within the U.S.A.
$95.00(plans) + $15.00(shipping) = $110.00

Option 2.

For Kingston Pocket Yacht Plans to be shipped outside the U.S.A.
$95.00(plans) + $30.00(shipping) = $125.00

Option 3.
Click here for printable order form.

For orders to be paid by Check or Money Order.

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