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The City of Babylon

It is the dawn of the third millennium.
The world has been thrown into the shadows where only the strong survive.
The shadows where Mortal fights Mortal and beings more sinister vie for control.
A control that seems to be slipping from the grasp of all those who try to hold it in their fingers.
Danger looms everywhere and only the brave and strong will survive.
Do you have what it takes to survive the chaos and the danger of the Darkness?
Can you make it in the World of Darkness?
If you can then welcome, welcome to Babylon, Michigan

This forum deals with the trials and tribulations of the residents of Babylon, Michigan. Babylon, Michigan is an imaginary metropolis of 3 million lying north of Detroit. The city is at the heart of World of Darkness politics and may be the catalyst in the upcoming events that may lead to any of the catastrophic events prophesied by the beings that inhabit the World of Darkness. Only time will tell Babyon's final roll in events to come. Will you join the residents or will you flee, but where to as nowhere is safe anymore. The end is coming, where will you stand…

Babylon, MI FAQ, the WoD TIC FAQ

Map of Babylon

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Mortal: characters
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Influenced Areas, list by supernatural influence and descriptions of places

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