The CyberCity TimeLine

The future world of CyberCity/CyberNation X isn't just about one City, or even one country. There's a whole world out there that can impact upon players and campaigns. As one country de-stabilizes, another rises in power, and the TR Internet, Weapons prices and mercenary opportunities can easily fluctuate in accordance with these events.

To help you to get a grasp of the world CyberCity characters live in, here's a brief timeline leading up to current events in our games.

2009Nov - Russia Joins the European Alliance alongside existing members of the E.A., forming a formidable new Trade and Defence alliance.

2010Feb - The world's first Police "Cyberteam" is formed in Los Angeles.

2011Jan - UK formally signs up for the European Alliance to quell fears about becoming a satellite U.S. State.

2011Jul - U.S., Canada & Mexico Form North American Union, uniting primarily for trade purposes.

2011Sep - Responding to the presence of the E.A. and the N.A.U., arabian Nations consolidate into the Arabian Alliance. Primarily a business union, there is also the promise of a defensive pact, if certain member nations can ever agree to terms.

2012Jan - South Pacific Alliance forms, a Trade and Defence alliance. Australia and New Zealand remain uninvolved, despite facing trade sanctions from this new alliance.

2012Mar - UK Royal Family are officially ousted by the current government. Using privately held resources they form the House-Windsor corporation.

2012Apr - First signs of organised UK anti-European movement.

2012Jul - War breaks out across the continent of Africa with almost all nations involved in at least one conflict. South Africa allies itself with the European Alliance for protection, so manages to remain uninvolved.

2012Sep - Gafford Industries, A Cariff based investment firm, makes it's first million.

2012Nov - European Alliance forms "Ministry of Thought" to safeguard the ideaologies of the New Europe.

2013Feb - Euro-American Defence Pact formed to replace the previous, and now outdated, NATO agreement. South Africa, Australia and New Zealand sign up for this agreement also.

2013Jun - Israel forms the first "Chrome Beret" unit of Cybernetically enhanced soldiers.

2013Nov - "Total Reality" computer interface debuts in Japan.

2014Mar - Total Reality (TR) introduced to the internet. This causes the genesis of the Total Reality Internet (TRI) and beginnings of a real Cyberspace are in place.

2014Apr - European Alliance launch their first re-usable Space Plane, re-starting the space race.

2014Sep - African War is halted through a combination of military victories and bitter negotiations. United East and West african alliances are formed.

2014Dec - UK seperatist activists bomb the first Channel Tunnel without any casualties.

2015Apr - European alliance begins construction of the "Mycenae" space station in Earth Orbit. Paving the way for Zero-Gravity research and manufacture.

2015Dec - N.A.U. Announce plans for a New "Daedalus" station in Earth orbit.

2016Feb - Argentina launches new Falklands campaign. The fighting is over by March when Argentina withdraws after a chilean assault on it's borders.

2016Aug - First Commercial Nano-Technology released.

2017May - London, Birmingham and Manchester in the UK are officially declared Metroplexes by the Government.

2017Jun - Weapons licensing laws are introduced to the UK.

2018Mar - In a controversial move, the UK government legalises Licensed prostitution.

2018Sep - UK Completes an underground High-Speed rail network linking communities between Liverpool & Leeds, forming a new industrial hub in the North of England.

2019Feb - Glasgow declared Metroplex by Scottish Parliament.

2019Mar - Cardiff & Swansea's city borders meet (Regardless of the fact that much of the land within that area remains undeveloped). Welsh Assembly campaign for Metroplex status, which is eventually granted in July.

2019Dec - "Mycenae" station completed.

2020Feb - Chile / Argentine war ends, Argentina is theoretically victorious, driving the Chilean armies away and claiming small tracts of Chilean land.

2020Mar - Other South AMerican Nations form South American Alliance.

2021Aug - House Windsor Buys significant portions of British armed forces during privatisation drive.

2022Feb - NAU completes "Daedalus" Station.

2022May - Denver, Colorado is designated an "Outlaw" city after years of urban degeneration.

2023Sep - Vortek Industries commence work on the "SkyHammer" space defence program on behalf of the Euro-American Defence Pact.

2024Jan - House Windsor troops take part in Indian Civil war as mercenaries.

2024Sep - Gafford Industries start Building CyberNation X in the Cardiff-Swansea Metroplex.

2026Feb - CyberNation X, the worlds first specific "CyberPunk" bar opens to the public in a blaze of publicity.

2026Mar - Gafford Industries unveil the "Telemecus" Re-usable spaceplane.

2026Jun - CyberNation X gutted by bomb blast.

2026Oct - Birmingham Metroplex, UK, is declared outlaw after a gang uprising.

2026Nov - CyberNation X re-opened after major refurbishment and structural enhancement.

2027Jan - Skyhammer system goes online ahead of schedule and begins a firing countdown. Swift trade is made by bookies worldwide as bets are registered as to which City is most likely to get hit. The countdown is aborted but the heavy betting went on Denver.

2027Feb - CyberNation X Sold to Stafford Powers.

2027Feb - Gafford industries becomes driving force behind a long-term plan to Terraform Mars.

2027Mar - CyberNation X franchise deal made with Optima Corporation.

2027May - UK Seperatist party formed, a group believed to have contacts with the militant seperatists yet who deny any association. First candidate to stand for parliament does so in the Portsmouth By-election, gaining a worrying 19% of the votes.

........All of which brings us pretty much up to date with events on the News Archives page.