Cybercity C.S.M.
Cardiff / Swansea Metroplex

by Kevin Buchanan

This game system is the intellectual property of Kevin Buchanan. All rights reserved.

Welcome to the future!
In line with the likes of William Gibson's writings, it is a dark and menacing place. The Cardiff/Swansea Metroplex of the year 2028 is not a particularly pleasant place to be. As the Metroplex's population quickly became caught up in the CyberPunk movement which spread across the globe early in the millennium, corporations and street gangs vied for power with the local authorities, whose hands are increasingly tied by the tourniquet of European government. It's a harsh place to live, but it's rarely boring.

CyberCity C.S.M. is an evolution in itself. It has evolved from a long running series of CyberPunk style events, CyberNation X. Whilst always popular, it has become increasingly difficult to match supply with demand. People who played in CyberNation X wanted more. Providing more would be easy if it wasn't for the cost of hiring our regular venue. So, if we wanted more, things had to change. This is the change.

CyberNation X was set in a notorious night-club of the same name. CyberCity C.S.M. will take the future out of the confining restrictions of a single location, and explore more aspects of this future world, allowing more variety in plot and character. CyberCity C.S.M. is CyberNation X's future.

We haven't killed CyberNation X, it will still be around, a focal point for events which happen around it, but it won't be our sole setting. Depending on availability, events will be located in a variety of locations, each with their own stories and plot levels. And as time goes on, the CyberCity will grow, and the game will continue to evolve.

And evolve it has - this manual is an evolution of the game itself, an expansion brought about by the growth of characters and plots within the framework of CyberCity C.S.M.

This is not brought about solely on the whim of the games designer and referees - this has been brought about by the players, who have breathed a tremendous amount of life into the game, and taken the plots in directions which were unforeseen when the original rules were written. CyberCity is a player driven game, and it is a tribute to them that the game has evolved as well as it has.

As it stands, this page contains all the basic rules and background that you will need to play in CyberCity C.S.M., so sit back, read, and I'll see you in the future.

+ Introduction to the Metroplex

+ Characters in the CyberCity

+ Creating a Character


+ The CyberCity

+ The Metroplex

For more information on CyberCity, you can contact Kevin Buchanan on email.

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