At the moment, we haven't added too many links, but in particular we want to be featuring more links to CyberPunk/ Dark Future/ Conspiracy type games. If you have a site you want listed then contact me at and we'll try and get you on.

Wales Best Games Shop
Play by Mail Games from State of Mind

CyberPunk Top 100

Neon City - Neon Clipart
Free Neon Graphics at Neon City

Here are a few, mainly pertinent, links!

Pagga - Live Roleplaying Community
Cardiff Games - Wales' Best Game Store.
State of Mind Games - Top PBM company. I Highly Recommend Chevian Chronicles.
TowerCon - Blackpool - based gaming Convention.
Mirrorshades - Another UK Live Cyberpunk Game
Royal Holloway, University of London Games Society / KILLERCON 2001 Games Convention
EUROLOG (European League of Gamers) - RPG organisation, well worth visiting at Euro-GenCon
The Lady's Page - A friend's site with some RPG stuff and neat short stories
Critical Miss - The magazine for dysfunctional gamers. Not LRP but fun.
LRP Index - List of clubs, systems and suppliers.
Spartan - Custom build Laser Tag style weapons.
Net LRP - a resource for contacting clubs and gamers in the UK
Men in Black - An adaptation for the STAR WARS live system.
L.A.S.H. - Live Action Super Heroes. I kid you not.
The Madhouse - PBM Firm, been known to let me win the occasional game :-)
Company Of Crimson - Victorian Paranormal LRP
UK LRP Guide - Mainly fantasy, but a good collection of groups
Fear Of The Dark - Very Good looking Horror events.
System Override - Another UK futuristic LRP.