CyberCity Background

Sorry about the wait getting this page up, I've had a few problems here. This page will fill you in on background information on the organisations and some of the people in the world of CyberCity.


C.A.S.W.A.T. (Cybernetically Augmented Special Weapons And Tactics)Is the Elite arm of the Cardiff/Swansea Metroplex Police Department. This team is more than just a group of well trained cops though. They are the best of the force, as well as some ex-military personell. What sets them all apart is that for whatever reason, each of the members has been heavily cybered-up. This makes the C.A.S.W.A.T. team an incredibly dangerous foe, and they are usually held in reserve by the C.S.M.P.D. for major emergencies. It is the C.A.S.W.A.T. unit which is called out when Cyborgs go schizo and start tearing the place up. If a building was captured by Terrorists in the Metroplex, it would be C.A.S.W.A.T. that went in to kick their butts.
The C.A.S.W.A.T. team have not yet lost a member in action since their formation, and have attained a fearsome reputation for themselves in the Metroplex. To call them Psychopaths would be extremely unfair, for the most part they are just good cops doing their duty to the best extent of their ability. The thing is that their abilities surpass those of their contemporaries by quite a long way.
The team is based at a pair of identical reinforced bunkers, one near each hub of the Metroplex. Each bunker is a heavily reinforced miniature fortress, capable of withstanding huge explosions and containing enough weaponry to fight a small war. They have access to military grade weaponry and vehicles, which they are by no means afraid of using. Recently they were gifted an undisclosed number of top of the range weapons and items of military hardware by the Arms company Vortek. In addition to the weaponry and fortifications each of the bunkers is fully equipped with bunk rooms, medical facilities, and recreation facilities. In short, the C.A.S.W.A.T. team have everything that they require locked up in those little bunkers, and could theoretically hold out in there for weeks. The C.A.S.W.A.T. team is the Metroplex's best defence against the more powerful criminals. A few years ago a street gang started to get a little too militant, C.A.S.W.A.T. went in and cleaned them up, very efficiently.
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