This page contains information and news stories generated during the two years I ran the ongoing Cardiff game. Information shown here is considered to be news stories which reached the general public, and was culled from events on CyberCity nights, events in the PBM turns, and events from the GM's events chart.


4 - 4 - 29 -> A new nightclub has been scheduled to be opened in the Cardiff Hub of the Metroplex it was announced today. "Matrix" is scheduled to be built close to the current location of CyberNation X, and is expected to cater to a similar range of clientelle, hoping to cash in on the notorious "CyberPunk" market. It is expected that this new club will lead to a lessening of the congestion at the city's popular Blade-culture venues, which police officials hope will lead to a downturn in violent crimes at these venues.

29 - 3 - 29 -> The Birmingham Metroplex is now once more under the direction of a duly appointed local government after elections were held in the City today. Although the Army are still heavily present, and martial law is still in force in much of the Metroplex, things look ready to return to Normal. Rumour has it that the newly appointed Lord Mayor is hoping to present an award to the group of Bounty -Hunters responsible for breaking the back of the gang's stranglehold on the Metroplex. Most of these Bounty Hunter's are believed to be resident of the Cardiff/Swansea Metroplex, indeed William Bearclaw, who allegedly led the group in question, returned to the C.S.M. from the states only this week.

25 - 3 - 29 -> Local entrepreneur, Kerrin M'Stai has launched a new Radio Station which will broadcast Citywide with Pride 24 hours a day. This launch is being supported by a major local advertising campaign and a promotional concert by the notorious "Ice Cream".

20 - 3 - 29 -> The competition to name the new Welsh National Stadium has been closed, and a winner has apparently already been established. The name has not yet been announced however, and a naming ceremony, involving the winner of the competition will take place later in the year. All of this takes place amidst rumours that the Stadium will be heavily involved in an attempt by England and Wales to Host next year's World Cup, after the previous host nation, Argentina, were recently renderd unable to host the event after violent earthquakes ravaged the nation.

11 - 3 - 29 -> The Cardiff "Brain Drain" Serial killer has apparently been brought to justice. A police Press conference today announced that the serial killer was arrested today by A sargeant Johnny Samson today, assisted by three civilian consultants. Rumours that there were a pair of killers involved have not yet been either denied or confirmed by the Police forces.

26 - 2 - 29 -> The Birmingham Metroplex has been officially re-taken by government forces, and is now no longer considered an "Outlaw" City. Citizens unable or unwilling to leave the city during the reign of the Metroplex's gangs celebrated in the streets today as they tasted safety for the first time in months. Government troops will remain stationed in the city until the Police infrastructure can be re-established.

19 - 2 - 29 -> UK military forces gathered on the outskirts of the Birmingham Metroplex today launched a major offensive to re-take the city from the hands of the street gangs who currently dominate the Metroplex. The position of the Gangs has been compromised of late after the alleged interfereance of the Mercenary Group HYDRA and the Bounty Hunter Willam Bearclaw, who apparently travelled to the Metroplex to collect the bounty on the notorious Cyber-Pirate Russell Shaddick. Apparently six of the city's most powerful gangs were decimated during this incursion, and the government has decided that now is the time to act.

17 - 2 - 29 -> Disaster has struck at the City Centre nightspot "Chormezone" This evening. In another notoriously shaky evening for the club there were scenes of violence throughout the evening, which resulted in at least one death. However, the worst was yet to come when the club received word that there was a bomb on the premises. Despite attempts by Club security to disarm the device, it exploded gutting the nightclub. Fortunately the club was already abandoned, with only one of the club's managers, Kenny Neurone, leaping from the very flames of the conflagration as he sped from the exploding building. There were a number of minor casualties caused by flying glass and debris. The bomb was later attributed to the Cult of the Midnight Bombers, who seem to have widened their scope somewhat recently as regards the timing of their explosions.

All news taking place before the 8th of February can now be found in the "Old News" Link below. I apologise for my tardiness of late but I've had a few problems with my machine here, and as soon as I get everything back in order, the news right up to date will be published. The above is just a brief sample of what we've faced since the last update.

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