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Joyous Mysteries of the Rosary - personal insight

Personal Discoveries and Insights Through the Rosary

As I was saying my prayers through the rosary this morning, I received something quite incredible. Whenever I receive something like this it is one of those things that I want to share and yet feel a little shy in doing so. The thought that usually comes right after a discovery of this kind is that it is so simple and real. I am sure that everyone else already is aware of this and it is just I that did not see what was so plainly in front of me. However, I also know that sometimes even if we knew it before a reminder can sometimes open another facet in us that allows the growth and healing that Christ has for us. So with all of the above in mind here is my discovery.

I have often realized that in saying the rosary each day I have been given a great gift and blessing as during the times in which I recognize each of the mysteries, I say a special prayer that changes daily. Usually it will relate back to what I have asked for in the beginning favor requested of Mother Mary. Today my overall request was for healing and guidance to Christ for all my Brothers and Sister in all of the branches that came from HOOM and those who have yet to find a way to be close again to the Master they found when they were in the HOOM in days of the past.

I began with the first mystery of the Joyous Mysteries. In this I asked the Mother to help each one of us to follow in her guidance of perfect devotion and love of God. This was so great that she humbly submitted to the Will of God when He asked and told her of the great miracle that was to happen to her. As I was saying this prayer I saw that this step is related to what we received when we gave ourselves in receiving the Light of Christ in the Illumination. That Light is an acceptance of the Will of God and a desire to follow Christ in all things.

As I said my prayer in the Second Joyous Mystery of how Mother Mary came to her cousin Elizabeth and shared her joy and was there to help Elizabeth with her coming birth. I was asking Mother Mary to guide us all in ways in which we can help our Brotherman to know and find the Christ within him. Here again I saw the way in which we were taught in HOOM to go forth and help in the world in whatever way was necessary and in so doing we brought that Light to those around us. It has long been a saying of many that you shall know them by their works. Or as the old saying of the HOOM returns, "Your actions speak so loudly, I can't hear a word you are saying." This might seem to be a trivial thing but it is very important that we use what we are given for in that exercise (flexing those Light muscles) the God within us begins to grow.

I have always loved the Third Joyous Mystery of the Birth of Christ. I always look at the enormous Joy that Mother Mary had and as a woman I know the enormous love and joy that takes place when you give birth to a child. But here I see also the incredible joy that she must have experienced in knowing that she was also fulfilling the request that God made of her and bringing the Christed One to the entire world. I can only imagine a small part of her wonder and amazement. Then to have confirmation of this in the visitation of the Wise Men must have brought awe to her heart.

As I said my prayer asking that we all experience the birth of the Christos within us and see and hear the Self, again the initiation of the veil to Self came to mind. I began to get a sense that all of these things were showing us a pathway to God and Jesus. Then I told myself, of course as that has long been Mother Mary's role to bring us to the sacred heart of her Son and thus to the Father through Him.

In recognition of the Fourth Joyous Mystery, that of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, I began to wonder how this could possibly relate. So I began my prayer that we would follow in Mary and Joseph's footsteps and work in accordance with the Law. To follow the outer guidance given to us by our priests and teachers and thus get the confirmation that they received when Anna and Simeon beheld and acknowledged the Savior in the little child. Then it came to me that our bodies are the Temple of God and we are to present the Christed One within us to the temple of our body to bring a joining. Also was the realization that we are supposed to acknowledge to God that having received this wonderful initiation we will use it in service to God. I know that sounds ludicrous, but how many of us receive that gift and then go on to do what "we" want? I know that I did and that many of those who were in the HOOM did just that and some still are. But it is a giving back and dedicating our SELF to God in this act.

The Fifth Joyous Mystery is finding Jesus at the Temple. I have always related this one to the journey we all make in trying to find God in our lives and searching high and low when He is right where he belongs, right in the temple (our body). So I usually say a prayer that we recognize that Christ is within us and that we allow the Christ to come through in all that we do.

Now I saw that the cycle was complete. For we had received the light and began to use it. We parted the veil and found the Christ born within us in Self and gave the use of that to the Eternal One as all belongs to HIM, and then knowing that Christ is now in the Temple we have found Him and must be about DOING our Father's work. Such wonderment and love came to me in finishing my rosary prayer today.

As I said at the beginning it is so simple and so basic but as I have heard many times, "What can be more BASIC than God?"

God Bless you and go in the peace of Mary and Jesus.

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