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A Visit From the Little Flower - St. Therese

One of our most treasured Saints Saint Theresa of Lisieux THE LITTLE FLOWER whose relics we are blessed to have at Uriel House will be on display Sunday afternoon January 9 and Monday morning January 10 at the Santa Clara Carmelite Monastery. She will also be at St. Joseph Cathedral downtown San Jose Monday afternoon. Her powerful autobiography is called "The Story of a Soul". French soldiers wore her medal and carried her picture into the trenches in World War I. Please join us by meditating on her or reading her book. In my own personal experience: Several years ago, I was at a religious book store looking for something to give my troubled niece when I was overcome by her presence and my eyes became fixed on her photo on the cover of her book. She said, "give me to her." When I gave the book to my niece I shared with her my experience. She is now anointed in Christ and wears the Miraculous Medal of Mary blessed on this beautiful Saints relics.


The Very Reverend Mother Maureen
Sister Teacher and Royal Regional Director of the American Temple
Santa Clara California