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Mother Mary Revelations

<c>Meditation on the Immaculate Conception<p> 12/8/99

The Blessed Mother came to me as a beautiful American Indian maiden. Behind her and shining through her was a beautiful full moon and at her feet was a continuous stream of flowing water. The water poured over the people that were meditating with me. Mother Mary was giving a beautiful electric blue light to a sister and golden light was being given to a brother.

Then began an unfoldment about Immaculate Conception. Each of us has been given the seed of Light and as that blossoms forth in each one of us culminating in the birth of Christ, we are indeed immaculately conceived. That birth has no seed of man but only of God. The birth of the Christ and our illumination is Jesus but we also have that aspect of Mother Mary in us. For we must be of the water of life and that Divine Feminine in order to let that seed of Light grow and nurture it until the full Christ of Self be brought to maturity in that birth.

Even then the Mother nature must feed and teach and give opportunities for growth so that it can stand on its own. This is bringing forth the "adult" nature of the inner being. This is a balance of Mother and Son, female and male, negative and positive; that must come to each one of us.

So beautiful and wonderful to behold is the Blessed Virgin Mary - Mother to us all.

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