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Receive Boost

Cobra 29
1. Locate pin 14 of the PLL chip, and the Positive (+) side of C-12. 2. Install a 22k-220k ohm resistor between these two points. The smaller the value, the more the receive is boosted. 3. If desired, this mod may be wired through a switch.

How to make Cobra 29LTD,Classics slide on TX & RX

1)Remove D-18 , R-110 , C131 and R-112. 2)Put jumper were R-110 was. 3)Take orange wire from delta tune and unsolder it from board then resolder it to Tr-23 (Solder to the pin closest to front of board. It should have around 8 VDC on this pin.) 4)Put radio back together and if all is done right you should slide transmit 5-6 KCs up and down. For more slide change D-16 to a 1N-4007

Cobra 2000
No Audio on AM Transmit with good Carrier
The Fix: This problem is more common in the "older" 2000's but is relatively easy to fix. Look for the collector of TR-23, you should read about 4.5 V with a dead key. If you find that this voltage is not present, check on the opposite side of R-120 for 6.5V. Most likely this voltage will not be present; if this is the case, C18 has shorted and needs replaced. This is a 330uf, 10V electrolytic capacitor beside L31. To prevent "future" problems, replace with a 16V.