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Welcome to the Care Bear Kingdom. You can enter below, but before you enter, Cold Heart wants to tell you something (look below).

I hope you enjoy your visit, even if Cold Heart doesn't!

Click here to enter the Care Bear Kingdom


"Listen to me. This site is full of those "fuzzy-wuzzy Care Bears," says Professor Coldheart.

"Go the other way to avoid excessive happiness," he points the other way into a cloud of snow.

"I'm warning you," he yells as he shakes his finger at you.

"If you continue, I will get you and the Care Bears," Professor Coldheart cackles and turns around.

Professor Coldheart gets an idea as he turns back around, "I know. Why don't you come and play with me instead!."

"DID YOU SAY NO!!!!!!!!"

In an scary voice he says, "While your playing around the Care Bear Kingdom, I'll be getting the Freeze Machine ready."

"Frostbite! Lets go," Professor Coldheart and Frostbite disapper in the cloud of snow.

To Get Away From Professor Coldheart Enter the Care Bear Kingdom