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Extensive Prequel Rumors
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The Following Are New As Of July 11
Tentative Title For Episode II
Anakin/Rage Duel?
C-3PO Update
A New Name For The Sith Apprentice
Oriental People To Be Used Heavily In Ep. 2
Location: Tatooine
Shmi's Fate
Why Qui-Gon Didn't Fade Away
Darth Rage And The Sith
A Tentative Episode 2 Storyline
The Old Republic And It's Jedi Protectors
The Obi-Wan/Anakin Duel
Obi-Wan's Fate
The Boba Fett Rumor
Darth Maul Returns??
Yet Another Tentative Storyline

Tentative Title
The tentative title for Episode II will be "Crusaders of the Force"

Anakin/Rage Duel

Anakin is rumored to have a lightsaber duel with the new Sith Lord, Darth Rage

C-3PO Update

From early design sketches, it appears C-3PO will still not be completed in Episode II but will have more covering on his legs and upper body.
A New Name For The Sith Apprentice?

Rick McCallum did suggest, during a recent fan chat, that a new Sith will emerge. According to an Internet rumor, the new Sith will be called "Detori."
Oriental People In Ep. 2

A Tokyo newspaper has reported that Lucas, who was visiting Japan to promote the July 1 release of TPM there, is "thinking of using Japanese people extensively" in Episode II.
Location: Tatooine

According to a comment made by costume designer Trish Beggar during the Star Wars Celebration in Denver, the sole location for Episode II will be the planet Tatooine.
Shmi's Fate

An Internet rumor, supposedly originating from a "Lucasfilm employee who stole the script": Anakin's dark-side leanings will become more evident after Darth Sidious sends a new Sith to Tatooine to kill Shmi Skywalker, Anakin's mother.
Why Qui-Gon Didn't Fade Away

Although Qui-Gon Jinn was struck down by Darth Maul in Episode I, Lucas hints that we may not have seen the last of the Jedi Knight. Many fans have wondered why Qui-Gon does not disappear when Maul stabs him (as Ben Kenobi did in the original), and to that query Lucas replies: "You will discover in the next film why he doesn't disappear. The key line that serves as a clue is from Ben Kenobi to Darth Vader in the original: 'If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.' "

Darth Rage And The Sith
Reliable spies inside Lucasfilm have relayed to us that Darth Sidious' new apprentice in Episode 2 will be a warrior called DARTH RAGE (as I reported to you in the newsletter). As I have stated before, Rage is a cybernetic character, which means Rage is half-human and half-machine.

The story behind Rage is that Sidious spends a year or two searching the galaxy for a suitable apprentice after Episode 1. He comes upon an evil dark Jedi who shows great promise. Now, you may want to know: What is the difference between a dark Jedi and a Sith Lord?

According to our informants, the man himself (Lucas) has stated that a dark Jedi can be any individual that uses the Force for evil. Dark Jedi are essentially evil Jedi. However, a Sith Lord is a person who practices the secret dark magic of an ancient race called the Sith. According to legend, a group of dark Jedi conquered a race of people known as the Sith. Hence, these dark Jedi became known as the Dark Lords of the Sith since they ruled over the Sith. The Sith had the knowledge of a secret dark magic that makes a person very powerful in the Force. The Sith Lords stole the secrets of the dark magic from the Sith and used it for their own purposes.

At one time, there were many Sith Lords. However, over time they fought amongst themselves and killed each other off until only one Sith Lord remained: Darth Bane. For many years, only two Sith Lords existed at one time: a Master and an Apprentice. Darth Sidious and Darth Maul were the first Sith Lords to exist in over a millenium.

Now back to Darth Rage. Sidious comes across a very powerful dark Jedi and introduces this dark Jedi to the Sith dark magic. This dark Jedi agrees to become Sidious' new apprentice and takes the Sith title of Darth Rage.

During the ten years that elapse between Episode 1 and 2, Darth Rage has encounters with the Jedi and kills a few of them. During his duels with the Jedi, Rage loses limbs in some of the duels and has them replaced with cybernetic, mechanical limbs. Rage is a precursor to Vader. Rage is what Vader would look like if Vader didn't have to wear his black, life-sustaining armor.

By the time Episode 2 rolls around, Darth Rage is a very big thorn in the side of the Jedi Council. No matter what they do they are unable to vanquish Rage. The Council hopes that when Anakin becomes a full-fledged Jedi that he will be able to defeat Rage since Anakin is the most powerful Jedi Padawan in galactic history. In Episode 2, Anakin is assigned the task of confronting Darth Rage to put an end to Rage's evil ways. Regardless of how well-informed our spies may be ALL this information is pure rumor until we see it on the silver screen in 2002.

Tentative Episode 2 Storyline
The second episode will somewhat parallel the fifth episode. While the Empire seeks to destroy the Rebellion during the great Civil War in Ep. 5, the Jedi Knights seek to destroy their enemies during the Clone Wars in Ep. 2. The title of Ep. 2 will be similar to that of Ep. 5 just as the titles of Ep. 1 and Ep. 3 are similar (both titles describe a single individual that shape the destiny of their respective trilogy). Anakin Skywalker unwittingly becomes the center of the conflicts of the Clone Wars through his valor, strength and high purpose whereby he and Obi-Wan are able to unite the Jedi for an important, albeit foolish, crusade. Owen Lars pleads with Anakin to not get involved with the wars. During the wars, Anakin faces temptation that he must resist if he is to perform great deeds. Above all, he and the other Jedi must remain unselfish for they are serving a power greater than themselves, the Force. The Force is a mystical energy that defies scientific explanation. It empowers the Jedi and enables them to protect the weak and humble. Unfortunately, Anakin ultimately fails to live up to the ideals of the light side of the Force and he must pay for it in the end-- (i.e., he loses his wife, friends, physical body and nearly loses his life, etc.) In the Prequel Trilogy, the Jedi Knights are seen as a band of heroes fighting for abstract principles of justice, honor and purity. These knights have flaws- pride, lust, rashness, vengefulness- but they rise above their faults to honor the light side of the Force and the ideals of the grand Old Republic. The adventures of the Jedi carry an extremely important insight- that a man's self-respect does not depend on external qualities such as wealth, position, physical strength or size. It depends on the person's private integrity and the person's valor in pursuing great goals. This is the kind of insight that builds great civilizations like the Old Republic. Anakin fails to respect this insight. He chooses to seek wealth, exalted status, glory, etc. His disregard for the Jedi Code ultimately results in the destruction of his own personal life and loved ones, the Old Republic and the Jedi KnightsBridging the Prequel Trilogy and the Sequel Trilogy One way to bridge the Prequel Trilogy and the Sequel Trilogy is to have an important character of the prequels trapped in suspended animation (possibly Queen Padme) sometime during the prequel trilogy chronology. This character would then be awakened in the Sequel Trilogy when an Anakin Skywalker clone rises to lead the struggling New Republic through a period of its greatest hopelessness, helplessness and peril. After the great foes of the New Republic are defeated once and for all in Ep. 9, King Anakin and Queen Padme would rule over the resurrected Old Republic and the Jedi Knights. Anakin would finally redeem himself for leading the original demise of the Old Republic and the Jedi Knights. As a result of the great deeds of the new Anakin and others in the Sequel Trilogy, the Republic and the Jedi Knights flourish for yet another 1,000 generations. The circle becomes complete . . .

The Old Republic and the Jedi Protectors
The Old Republic was a realm of virtue, protected for as long as can be remembered by the servants of the light side of the Force. Those wishing to join the Jedi Knights were required to take a vow of virtue. While a Jedi must have courage and might, a Jedi must also act honorably, protect the helpless and behave justly to all. The Old Republic was only vulnerable from within, through dissent and treachery at the highest levels of the ruling elite. No external force alone could crush the Old Republic

The Anakin/Obi-Wan Duel

The inevitable Ep. 3 duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan provides a multitude of possible plot variations. One of these is to have Anakin and Obi-Wan under a dark-side spell created by Palpatine through his tremendous mastery of the dark side (possibly enhanced by his possession of the fabled Kyburr Chrystal). Under this spell, neither man would yield during the duel even though it meant certain death for one of them. Another plot possibility is to have the duel result from either an actual or perceived affair between Queen Padme (Anakin's wife) and Obi-Wan. Palpatine (or some other agent of the dark side) could reveal the affair or cause Anakin to believe that an affair is ongoing in order to permanently end the strong and powerful friendship of Anakin and Obi-Wan. Or the duel could be instigated from Obi-Wan's ill-fated attempt to turn Anakin back to the light side of the Force or the duel could occur as Obi-Wan's last-ditch effort to thwart Anakin's (and the New Order's) slaughter of the noble Jedi Knights. Regardless of why this duel occurs, Obi-Wan is the victor and leaves Anakin's broken body for dead. Obi-Wan is greatly saddened by the apparent death of his greatest pupil and closest friend. Palpatine, the dark side and Anakin's intense hate are barely enough to keep Anakin alive so that his broken body can heal and be housed in his life-supporting, black body armor. After sufficient healing, the resurrected Anakin confronts the Jedi in his frightening, intimidating and mechanical persona. During one of the final battles between the minions of the Empire and the Jedi Knights, Anakin spares Obi-Wan's life during the battle. A truce is made between these mortal enemies when Obi-Wan swears an oath to exile himself never to be seen or heard from again.

Foolish Idealistic Crusades
One of the characteristics of knights is that they seek out and attempt to complete noble, yet treacherous, crusades. One possible crusade that the Jedi Knights might attempt during the Clone Wars is the quest for the legendary Kyburr Chrystal. It would be intriguing to write a subplot where the culmination of the Jedi Knights reign as guardians of the Old Republic involves a great crusade of some sort. Perhaps, Palpatine and the nefarious Sith Lords seek the Kyburr Chrystal in order to give themselves an advantage over the Jedi. It becomes a race against evil for the brave Jedi. If the chrystal falls into the hands of evil, this would spell certain doom for the Jedi Knights and the Old Republic. The Jedi Knights' failure to keep the chrystal out of the hands of Palpatine may explain why Palpatine is able to so easily defeat the Jedi Knights, who successfully protected and served the Old Republic for 1,000 generations. Prior to these horrific wars that would define the Clone Wars as the most catastrophic wars in the history of the galaxy, Yoda was grieved to foresee that this was the last time that all the Jedi Knights and Masters would gather together because, soon, many would die during the Clone Wars and during the rise of the New Order. Yoda knew, the end of the Old Republic and the Jedi was near. In desperation to preserve hope for the future, Yoda hatches a plan involving the Skywalker twins in hopes that Anakin/Vader's offspring would one day bring and end to Palpatine and Vader reign of evil.

Obi-Wan's Fate
The Old Republic has fallen and the Jedi Knights have been defeated. A battle-weary Obi-Wan returns one last time to Coruscant to see for himself the fate of his beloved Republic. Obi-Wan finds that all Jedi buildings, temples and artifacts on Coruscant have been destroyed as part of Palpatine's "cleansing" of the galaxy. Obi-Wan learns that, except for Yoda, all members of the Jedi Council are dead and the Jedi Knights are all but extinct save a few survivors, who will eventually be hunted down and murdered by the Empire. Whether he deserves the blame or not, Obi-Wan carries the guilt for the rest of his life that his failures to properly train Anakin and to heed Yoda's warnings about training Anakin led to the creation of the monster called Darth Vader. Without Darth Vader, it is unlikely that Palpatine could have destroyed the Jedi Knights. When Anakin left the Jedi Knights to join Palpatine, many Jedi left with Anakin and converted to the ways of the Sith Lords. Hence, the Jedi Knights became weakened by Anakin's defection to the dark side. To redeem himself, Obi-Wan watched over Luke while in exile on Tatooine and patiently waited for the day when Luke became old enough to seek his destiny. While the plot line of The Phantom Menace is rather straight forward and simple like that of A New Hope, the plot line of Ep. 2 becomes quite complex, convoluted and intriguing. The Clone Wars, Palpatine's political maneuvering, the romance of Anakin and Padme, Boba Fett's surprising role and other subplots will all be smoothly interweaved to produce the most satisfying episode of the Star Wars saga. It becomes impossible to determine who exactly will turn out to be the bad guys. By the end of Ep. 2, the Jedi Knights are victorious on many levels, yet our heroes are left dangling in the worst possible predicaments of their lives. And unlike Return of the Jedi where our heroes escape their various predicaments unscathed, the heroes of the Prequel Trilogy learn that their ultimate fates do not bode well in Ep. 3. While the good guys prove victorious in Ep. 6, the bad guys prevail in Ep. 3. The story of Ep. 3 will be quite tragic and sad. For the next 20 years, the galaxy experiences the darkest times in its history until a new hope emerges to challenge the Empire.
The Boba Fett Rumor
Someone close to the pre-production of Episode 2 has suggested to us that Aurra Sing might indeed be Boba Fett. Sing was briefly seen in Episode 1. She was the pale-faced female bounty hunter that is seen briefly overlooking the pod race from a canyon. It is thought that in Episode 2 (possibly not until Episode 3) that Sing transforms into Boba Fett when she begins to dress in the now-familiar Mandalorian supercommando armor. It is uncertain why Sing opts to wear the armor and changes her identity to that of Fett. This new rumor is supported by a constant stream of reports we have received that the character of Boba Fett in Episode 2 would be a FEMALE. Sing's brief appearance in Episode 1 would be the future Fett's first Star Wars appearance and would insure that Fett appears in all six of the Star Wars films. NOTE: During pre-production, Lucas has asked his conceptual artists to come up with various looks for Fett that DO NOT include Fett wearing the now legendary Mandalorian armor. As it stands now, Fett is almost certainly going to be female and Aurra Sing might turn out to be Fett. Lucas is still writing the first draft of the Episode 2 script so at this point nothing is certain. In subsequent re-writes of the script, Lucas could make drastic changes so everything we know today could change over the next couple of months.

Darth Maul Returns?
According to the latest reports from our spies at Lucasfilm, George Lucas has asked his conceptual artists at LFL to come up with different versions of what Darth Maul might look like after the lightsabre duel. The conceptual drawings of Maul are reported to be the following:

1. Darth Maul floats on a repulsorlift that has been attached to his lower torso.
NOTE: This concept was featured in one of the LucasArt's Star Wars games.

2. Darth Maul has artificial legs that resemble the lower part of Darth Vader's black suit.

3. Darth Maul travels around on wheels or a large rolling ball similar to an R2 unit.

4. The Darth Maul seen in Episode 2 is a clone of the first Maul.

Lucas didn't tell his artists that Maul would appear in Episode 2 for certain. Instead, he just wanted to see what the options with Darth Maul in Episode 2 would look like. NOTE: Rick McCallum recently stated that it was doubtful that Maul would return for Episode 2.

Another Tentative Storyline
Preliminary Opening Crawl

As a Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker has returned to Tatooine to rescue his mother from the vile tyrrany of slavery. Little does Anakin know that his mother's fortunes have severly changed over the last ten years .. . .
Meanwhile, the evil factions of the Sith continue their rise to power as the galaxy suffers through a series of terrible conflicts collectively known as the Clone Wars. Unbeknownst to the Republic, a new threat, led by the enigmatic Boba Fett, has risen that will test the Jedi Knights to their very core . . .

Anakin arrives on Tatooine with R2-D2 and Jar Jar Binks. Anakin arrives at Watto's junk shop only to learn that his mother is no longer his slave. C-3PO, now a completed droid, is working for Watto. Anakin takes C-3PO from Watto and heads for the place where Watto says his mother is now working and living . . .

Under orders from Chancellor Palpatine, General Obi-Wan Kenobi is now fighting for Alderaan during the Clone Wars. Obi-Wan, Mace Windu (Samuel Jackson) and other Jedi and Alderaan warriors are seen fighting a cloned army . . .

Queen Amidala contacts Anakin and inquires of him about his mission to Tatooine. Anakin responds that he will soon return to Naboo, but has run into some problems . . . Anakin arrives alone at the dangerous enclave of Mitor the Hutt, who now owns Shmi. Mitor refuses to release Shmi and Anakin watches as Mitor has his minions mistreat Shmi. As the most powerful Jedi, Anakin is sent into a tremendous hate-filled rage and destroys everyone. He then leaves Tatooine with his mother for Naboo.

Darth Sidious is seen with a large group of dark Jedi who are meeting to discuss Sidious' plan to wipe out the Jedi. For the first time, we see Sidious' new apprentice, who is half-human and half-machine.

Anakin arrives on Naboo. Amidala meets Shmi again and Anakin and Amidala continue their romance. During Shmi and C-3PO's freedom celebration held by Amidala in their honor, the Jedi Council contacts Anakin stating that he is needed immediately on Coruscant . . .