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Pod Times, Tips, And Of Course...Cheats

Submit Your Best Times
Send Us Your Best Times For Pod Racer's Various Tracks

Current Record For The Boonta Eve Training Course: 41 seconds with Ben Quadinaros
Current Record For The Mon Gazza Speedway: 18 seconds with Sebulba

There Are Plenty Of Tracks To Have Records Posted... Just Send 'em In

Known Cheat Codes For This Glorious Game
And As We All Know, Cheaters Never Prosper, But They Have More Fun...

Enter These Codes By Holding The Z-Trigger
And Pressing The L-Shoulder Button In An Empty Character Slot

Debug Menu- RRDEBUG
Invincibility- RRJABBA
Mirror Mode Tracks- RRTHEBEAST
Dual Control Mode- RRDUAL
Debug Menu- RRDEBUG
Play As Jinn Reeso*- RRJINNRE
Play As Cy Yunnga**- RRCYYUN

+= These Codes Are Only Acticated Once You Pause The Game During A Race And Press L,D,R,U On The Plus-Control Pad *= This character replaces Mars Guo. You must have Mars unlocked to play as Jinn
**= This character replaces "Bullseye" Navior. You must have "Bullseye" unlocked to play as Cy.

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