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The Great Council

The Founder Of The Great Council, The Big Hick, Has Archived Here For You All Current And Previous Forum Topics For Your Reading Pleasure.
Please Feel Free To Submit Your Thoughts For The Council To Consider And Post.

The Great Council consists of some of
the greatest Star Wars minds of our generation.

Big Hick, founder and figurehead of the council

The enigmatic one known only as Wes is another cornerstone of the council

Toon-Kenobi submits his thoughts and ideas occasionally

Finally, Darth Franz throws in his ideas from time to time.

You may submit your thoughts as long as a
is not listed in the title.
These topics are closed and have already been debated by the council.

Here Are The Debates Currently On The Council Floor

The Great Jar Jar Debate
Maul vs. Vader... Place Your Bets
Comments and Questions From the Crowd

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