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Song Activity

Stop! In The Name of Love
Performed by Jonell Mosser
From the original soundtrack of Hope Floats

Baby, baby I'm aware of _______________________ (1) you go
Each time you ______________(2) my door
I __________________(4) you walk down the street
Knowing your other ___________________(5) you meet
This time befiore you run to her, leaving me alone and ____________(6)
_______ (7)it over, Haven't I been ___________(8) to you
_______(9) it over, Haven't I been __________(10) to you?

Stop! In the name of love before you _________(11) my heart Stop! In the name of love before you _________(12) my heart _______ (13) it over, _______(14) it over

I've known of your secluded ______________(15)
I've even seen her maybe once or __________(16)
Oh, but is her sweet expression ___________________(17) more than
My love and __________________(18)
This time before you leave my _____________(19)
And rush off to her _______________(20) think it over

I've tried so hard to be ______________(21)
Hoping you'd ______________(22) this infatuation
But each time you are ___________________(23)
I'm so afraid that I'm losing you _______(24)

Stop in the name of love, before you _________(25) my heart ________(26)it over


break (3x) twice love charms leave together forever hurt

where affection stop sweet watch arms patient good

nights worth think(5x)


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