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MxPx is a new school punk band. They're albums are full of short, fast songs. The band is very sound and play well together. MxPx stands for Magnified Plaid. The x's were "periods" on a T-shirt they had. They have about five albums, the newest on A&M Records.

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List of songs on Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo:
  1. Under Lock and Key
  2. Tommorow's Another Day
  3. The Final Slowdance
  4. I'm Ok, You're Okay
  5. Cold and All Alone
  6. Party, My House, Be There
  7. The Downfall of Western Civilization
  8. Invitation to Understanding
  9. Fist Vs. Tact
  10. Whats Mine Is Yours
  11. Self Serving With a Purpose
  12. For Always
  13. Set the Record Strait
  14. Get With It!
  15. Inches From Life
  16. The Theme Fiasco