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The Insyderz are a cool band that does a good job of mixing ska and hardcore to make awesome songs.They have three albums out and they are self titled, The Insyderz Present ...SKALLELUIA!!,and Fight of My Life. Skalleluia is a "skacore remix" of different praise songs. Fight of my Life is a great alum including many different elements of music.

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List of songs for SKALLELUIA:
  1. Oh, Lord, You're Beautiful
  2. He Has Made Me Glad
  3. Awesome God
  4. Lord,I Lift Your Name on High
  5. Jesus Draw Me Close
  6. Ancient Of Days
  7. You Are My All In All
  8. Jesus,Name Above All Names/More Precious Than Silver
  9. Joy
  10. We Will Glorify
  11. Mourning To Dancing
List of songs for FIGHT OF MY LIFE:
  1. Jigsaw
  2. What Happened to Joe?
  3. Paradise
  4. The Hunted
  5. Game Day
  6. Forgive and Forget
  7. Trinidad
  8. Rat Race
  9. Just What I Need
  10. Fight of My Life