Cacofonia / Anarchus Interview for DOLL magazine, august issue

Q:Thrasher, Ifve heard someone saying that you are gThe master of the underground scene in Mexicoh. So I am sure you know everything, all the ups and downs of the grind scene since you have been involved with it for more than 15 years. Can you describe how the Mexican grind scene started and how it has been developed, and whatfs going on up there now?

Thrasher: Oh Common!!! Im been involved in the underground scene since too long but nothing to be catalogued that way. Actually the Grind scene is getting a phase as always, you know bands comes and goes same as people, i saw many times this kind of phenomena you know; up and downs, we are getting less concerts and getting more bands, the new shit in here seems to be the Porno gore stuff , but in the old days we used to have a great grind-noise-crust scene. I really gonna miss the old days but lifes goes on, and as i told before people leaves the scene and i feel very lucky to keep doing what i like most, play loud and very fast.!!

Q:Tell me about the Mexicofs most important grindcore event called gMasacre festh.

Thrasher: Well i started to do the Masacrefest after i was doing for years the Brutalfest since 1990, i decided to stop mixin genres as death metal, grind, doom etc, and started with the extreme styles on one fest, this fest is not that huge but it had some of the well knowed mexican extreme bands and people are getting interested every year, cant wait for the the next fest in 2005!!.

Q:You have been changing your music style in years. Actually you have created/joined many great bands, like Histeria, Massacre68, Atoxxxico, AK47, Warcry, Anarchus, Cacofoniac Can you tell me how the process was like changing your style from HC into noise-grindcore?

Thrasher: Well, i think i never change nothing, if i came to played in a hc band then i play hc, if i am in a thrash metal band, then i play thrash, i like to keep the genres raw and very few times i mix styles of music, im not vey experimental with that, but is really hard to keep doing the same style for years and keep being fresh and original, i guess i always gonna keep my roots and i feel proud of this.

Q:Cacofonia new album gOh, no, please not againh sounds different from the old days - any comment on that?

Thrasher: The original Cacofonia line up had many changes, thats why we used to be a side project band, before the new cd goh no...h we didnt make any new songs since 1992!!! So i ask to Savage Grand Pa to reborn Cacofonia more raw and brutal than ever, and now you can heard the results of this, just wait to see us live.

Q:What is the main idea of gWrestlingrindh? I saw you guys all wearing the luchador masks on the stage, it was so crazy amazingc

Thrasher: Two of the original members of Anarchus and myself were real fans of Lucha Libre, so we attend every sunday to El Toreo, besides that we always like to deal with themes about funny or not so funny stuff on our lirycs so we became to do songs about holds and wrestlers, the idea to use mask is our homage for this gladiators and at the same time to show our respect for this kind of sport, even we dont care if people compares us with shitty surf bands(In mexico most of the members of surf/garage rock bands wear mask, even they dont know nothing about the wrestler they are using the mask, posers!!).

Q:So you guys are very much into Lucha Libre?

Thrasher: The concept is always around the things i see and like the most, so besides me the other guys are into the Lucha Libre but not as i do. I preffer old school Lucha Libre, speacially 80s!!!

Q:It was a good surprise when I found the name like SOD (Swe), Malinheads(Ger) as the inspired band of Cacofoniafs 10h release (gThe Last Castration And Moreh from Anomie Recs) which are familiar to me as a HC enthusiast – may I consider that you guys have more HC influences in the basic, than grindcore bands?

Thrasher: Good question, but our main influences are metal and hardcore bands for shure, we are also pionners in this shit called grind/noise so in the old days we have not many direct influences from grind bands, we are survivors from the first generation and we like to keep it this way.

Q:Pancho, I heard that Anarchus sometimes considered as a satanic band, but it is not right, is it? Whatfs the main concept of its lyrics?

Pancho :firtst of all, hello friends from japan. we're not a satanic band at all.we don't have any religious believe our lyrics deal with manipulation-political, religious, economical, etc.-skepticism and about war(against) and violence.

Q:Anarchus can be described as grind-crust, also has been attracted deathmetal people. And there is a tribute album of Anarchus gBeyond God and Evilh, whofs idea of making this album?

Thrasher: The main idea to form a band playing extreme music is still the same, we dont care to be cataloged but at the same time we dont care to use any good riff whatever it sounds, so we can be in the vein of Death Metal, Grind, or Crust, we just took the best of each style and mixed together, then you can heard the results, we always play what we like!!! The tribute idea was so nice for us, we felt very happy with the results, but it tooks some time couse in the beggining Anomie records or Blurred records supposed to do this, then Half Life records, but at the end american Line do this, i heard theres a reppres edition comming up with bonus tracks , specially with some japanese bands, so, any band interested must get in touch.

Q:Back in the days just after when Cacofonia and Anarchus were introduced to us Japanese people, we had bunch of imported stuff like AxCx, Meatshits... How do you think about them? What about Seven Minutes of Nausea from Australia?

Thrasher: As i told before we are survivors of the first gerneration of grindcoe/noisecore wave, we know very well this bands and actually used to trade tapes with them long time ago, we are very happy also to see the Blllluuueeeeaaarrrgggtthhhh 7h eps are repressed as cd couse we appears on volume one, we were very lucky.

Q:I am curious to know how it was done, that Anarchus and Cacofonia had joined the Japanese compilation gGrinding Syndicateh from Samurai Records(w/Multiplex, Gibbed)c

Thrasher: Adolfo(the original drummer) used to be a maniac tape trader, so he gets in touch with Hiroyuki Sato of Samurai fanzine/records and did an interview, then he became with the idea of this 4 way cd comp, so two japanese bands and two mexican bands were on it, all bands get good reviews if i can remember, i wish to meet the guys of Multiplex or Gibbed soon, and meet again Sato.

Q:Is that means Anarchus and Cacofonia has strong bonds with Japanese scene? Can you please tell me your favorite bands from Japan and other countries, from the old days until now?

Thrasher: Wow, i respect a lot the japanese underground culture so i can mentioned so many good bands like S.O.B., Gibbed. Rose Rose, CSSO, Sex Complex Class and the list goes on, same as other bands from other countries couse we like so many other styles not just grindcore, actually i guess grindcore is the style we dont listen alot, he he he, we are very exciting couse besides the grinding syndicate we get a 7h ep on Blurred records and a split cd with CSSO long ago, so is about time for let us show what we got on stage.

Q:Everybodyfs interested to know about the cancelled SOB tour in Mexico. Do you know the story about this?

Thrasher: Mmmmh!! As i can recall, it was couse some of the SOB members got an accident, i cant tell, we miss the chance, and they miss the chance too to get a wild tour couse they are very well knowed here.

Q:So Cacofonia and Anarchus has the same line up. What is the difference of concepts/sounds identities of each band?

Thrasher: Yes, in the beginning Cacofonia was the side proyect band of Anarchus members now we are sharing members couse I quit Anarchus after be in the band for 12 years, Savage Grand Pa and I decided to reform Cacofonia as a serious band, so he share its time with Dahemrized its main band, same as Hugo who play drums for C.A.R.N.E. and Pancho who is the original member of both bands, I guess Anarchus is more intense than Cacofonia couse the screams and music is totally diferent, but both bands are fast and extreme, Anarchus lirycs deals with Anti religious, mass media control stuff, Cacofonia is more into funny subjects and wrestling.

Pancho: well it's not the same line-up.right miguel came back again with us,but it's not the same line-up with cacofonia.also anarchus play more grind-core and cacofonia it's noise-core.

Q:Any secrets of making sounds? Are there any favorite/special equipments?

Thrasher: Oh comon!!! Dont make me laugh, in here we are very poor i feel lucky if at the gigs we can get or rent any 100 watts amp. Really!!! I detune my guitar two full steps down and use caliber 12 strings, and play very loud and fast, yes!!! Loud and fast, thats our secrect, please dont tell anyone.

Q:Please tell me the regular job of the band members. How do you guys make the living?

Thrasher: Job!!! Good joke, well Hugo is a bum, i am a bum, Pancho is supposed to work too, but he is the biggest bum in the band, Savage Grand Pa is married with two childrens but always a bum. I run a label/distro sometimes, Panchus work with publicity and Savage Gran Pa quit its job to join the tour, so..................... we spect to be rock star very soon or starve.

Q:Talking about off-stage, I mean daily life – whatfs your favorite food? All the members like SAKE?

Thrasher: Shure, Sake rules, beer rules, tequila rules anything free and if gets you dozy rules!! About food, we all are carnivores, we love pork, by the way; whats for dinner?

Pancho: my favourite food it's turkey-guajolote,i love to eat their legs!!!-and moshed potatos.also i love eat gut's or pigskin tacos -mexican food-and chicharron prensado-other kind of mexican food-and sushi...i love sushi.and yes,we'll love sake!!!

Q:What are your hobbies besides music?

Thrasher: Hugo loves to be chating and surfing the web play billiard, same as Savage grand pa, panchus is more into watching sports and get drunk, read and porno stuff he he, im into travel, read, and practising brazilian jiu jitsu, collect lucha goods.

Q:Tell me about the Japanese tour. This is the very first time the underground band coming to Japan from Central/South America. I heard that even the newspaper media shows its interest for this gmaking historyh situation. Do you feel any pressure for that? What about the other members?

Thrasher: We are very nervous so we cant wait to go there and do what we do best, play live, just give us a good decent equipement and youll see what i mean!!! We stay cool and taking this very well, of course we like to think this is just the beginning of a serie of bands going japan and tour same as we gonna do so im shure japanese crowd are wild and crazy and are specting the best from us and they gonna get it.

Q:Pancho, I am so impressed that you know many things about Japan. Whatfs the most interesting issue about Japanese culture for you?

Pancho: well i'm very interested on the feudal japan,the samurais and everything about japan during world war 2.specially their weapons.all about the japanese battleships "yamato" and musashi and the planes of that war.also i like everything in concern with shintoism and philosophy and the aino people.i'm very interested in almost everything from japan a country that i found fascinating.

Q:This time Anarchus and Cacofonia will do most of the gigs with Japanese so-called gJapcoreh bands, Crust bands, Grindcore bandsc all mixed up! How do you think about this?

Thrasher: We always love to played with bands into other veins-music styles, this is very good, this way we can get a better idea of all variety of japanese crowds or fans mixed together in the tour and meet lots of cool people, it gonna be fun for shure!!!

Pancho: well i think it's gonna be great!!! i'm dying to meet the people,to hear the bands-i like a lot japanese bands-,to know more about the country. i'm sure we'll gonna have a good time and i'm sure it's gonna be unforgettable.

Q:This is gonna be a hard set of gig schedule (12 gigs, 9 cities), are you ready for that?

Pancho: i believe i'm ready i never tour so many days and gig after gig, but i think that there be no problem at all.and yes it seems that's gonna be a hard tour but i hope everything works fine.

Thrasher: The main problem would be the hangovers(and the groupies) he he!!, but we gonna give our 200% at everyshow no problem with that, we are ready!!!

Q:Please give a message to Japanese fans!

Pancho: see you very soon friends and hope you to enjoy the tour as much as we'll do...and also i hope we all can party together and drink a lot of sake!!!.greetings to everyone there.thanx a lot to shoko for all the support.and see you all on september!!!...

Thrasher: Thanx a lot for this cool interview, hope to see everybody on the pit, stay underground and remember; GRINDCORE IS NEVER TOO LOUD!!!


Q: Can you tell me something about Anarchus, because we don’t hear much of you here in Holland.

Thrasher: Well, we have been busy recording and playing shows in our country, we have not been doing this for a long time until now, oue ep's have been repressed by independent mexican labels.and the distibution has been focused to the u.s. , mexico and south america only.

Q: After so many releases, is there any inspiration left for lyrics?

A: Ohh!!!for sure... Pancho(vocalist) is the one in charge of writting the lirics since the begining, now our lirics deal with fanatism, dogmatism etc.

Q: Why do you bring all the stuff out on different labels and not at one label?

A: That question has been asked to us many times, as you can see our release are thu many independent labels only...this labels don't have the resources to offer a contract or something like that...but now we are in the talks with deathvomit/necropolis and relapse to release our future material.But still we'll accept any offers from independet labels as well.

Q: I know an other band in Mexico, Los Crudos. They have lyrics against Americans who see Mexicans as inferiors. Do you know that problem?

A: First. LOS CRUDOS is a band from chicago, but the member are from mexican backgroung and also southamerican.(I think the vocalist is from Argentina). I think that this belief is very complicated and for me to try to explain about this issue it may take a long time.but I can assure that not all americans see mexicans as inferiors at all.I have to remind you that the mayority in many places in the U.S. are now of mexican bacground. The problem seems to be at the border states were many people don't like mexicans crossing the border, like california and newyork.But this is a problem that is about 500 years old not only with the americans but with the europeans as well.

Q: I saw you played with bigger bands like Mortician. Can I say you doing it well?

A: Yes..but most of the times our set gets cutoff or shorten...and promoter give more preference to the touring bands, like better equipment or better PA sound. even on these situations we have always received good response from the crowd, and we always play our best even if the equipment sucks or the crowd is small. we love our band and we love what we do.

Q: In 2002 you will do an U.S. tour. When do you come to Europe and especially to Holland?

A: Well, we are hoping to play in the U.S. but I think it will be easier to go and play in Europe..There is posibility to play in japan where we have many followers, but i think we need a lot more of promotion before we consider going to play in europe and Holland.

Q: Do you want to say something else what I didn’t ask?

A: Well, for all those heads that never heard anarchus and for all those that remember US...we are still ready for battle and everyone can check our website at:

Wait I almost forget, an independent label in california is putting together a tribute cd for Anarchus..anyone interested in this contact:
John Lee
po box 5160
Hacienda Hts.
CA. 91745-0160

Thanks for the interview.

A: Your welcome. thanks to you and to all your readers of this fanzine..I hope to hear from people in Europe and let them know that we are still grinding...GRINDCORE IS NEVER TOO LOUD

INTIE BY: Rudy Nordhausen



q-Hello guys, how it's going?

Thrasher-Very, happy to get in contact from russian people!!! Actually my very fest friends is anatural born girl form moscow!!!

q-For people unfamiliar with Anarchus can you give us a brief band history?

a-Well, i dont want to bored the readers with a long history, we started in 1987, since that some changes occurred on the line up, and lots of records on our discography, so, if you are very curious to know more about us, then clink our link to our web site, the present line up is: Pancho on screams. Fer on thunde machine, Kei on blower bas, and me Thrasher on feedback!!!

q-About Anarchus records, what are the last, the new and the upcoming stuffs?

a-The split with CSSO was the last release, but actally these days its about to appear ou 15th anniversary cd comp/cd rom "Vals of HAte" and also our 10th anniversy cd comp "Increasing the Hate" just came out throught HALF LIFE Records in the US!!, for upcomming maybe a nother split (this time with JAN AG from Agathocles) and a repress from our classical Final Fall of the Gods 7" ep with bonus tracks!!!

q-You're touch with American Line Productions? Is a new full length album on the way to be released?

a-We are trying to find a very good deal with a big label, so i guees we need to wait for that but at the same time write more new killer tunes for it!!! Just keep in touch.

q-What words could define your music in your mind?

a-insane pissed off vocals with killer grinding riffs

q-Do you remember why your called Anarchus?

a- Shure!!! we stoled the name from a title song form Swiss gods of thrash MESSIAH!!!! We where very identifyed with the lirycs of that song!!!

q-Do you write lyrics for your song? The "Still Alive..." cd doesn't contain lyric sheet, so what's are they about?

a-Ha ha!!!, ok our song deal with manipulation, infamy, crimes, and eveything dealing with mass control by religions!!!

q-Who were some of the first grindcore bands you heard? What do you think of bands like Napalm Death, Agathocles, Electro Hippies, Terrorizer, etc?

a-I guess we where listen to much thrash, ultra hc and the beginnig of death metal, so first grindcor bands we listen to was ND, Repulsion, Nausea/Terrorizer, SOB, but also fastest bands like Heresy, Larm and so on!!! We love aall udeground from the mid 80s!!!

q-What are bands and records you listen the most? What kinds of music are you into?

a-ummmmmmmmmmm!! Lately i listen lots of 60s heavy bands like Blue cheer, MC5 stuff like that, Pancho is more into heavy metal, we listen tons of music all day.

q-What albums was the last in your cd-player (vinyl/tape player)?

a-ok, wait let me check.........................................on my cd player; Ravager´s Storm of sin (they gave me this personally), on my tape player an old comp with killer old HC bands from Sweden like Crude SS, Mob 47, SOD etc!!!), and at my vinyl console; Cathedral Live in Holland 89!!!

q-Do you have any other bands or projects?

a-All members of ANARCHUS are the same line up as CACOFONIA a noise/crust side proyect we have since too long too!!!, Kei also play bass for Oxidised Razor, and thats it!!

q-Do you like to play live shows? Do you playing alot at the time?

a-arfghhhhhhhhh!!! Last year was grreat we do a lot of killer shows around our country, this year started slow but we goot some good shows to comming soon, specially a small tour with Grindcore Legends Reborns NAUSEA!!!

q-So, what's about mexican unerground scene? Is any good band there? I can remember only Disgorge and Distraught...

a- We have a very strong grind-death-gore scene, bands like disgorge, ravager, oxidised razor, genocide and few mor are improved to the world scene so, you better watch it in the near futur with mexican bands!!! A guebo cabrones!!!

q-How do you feel to alcohol drink (in particular of beer)?

a-hic* wha? hic* excuse me im too drunk to answer that!!! sorry!!!

q-What are your interests outside of Anarchus, do you have a regular job?

a-I run a smal label and distribution, Pancho hava a job with publicity same as Fer, Kei is a technician of medical insruments!!! Amazing hu?

q-What are your plans for the future with Anarchus?

a- Survive in this underground shit after 15th years, get more shows and tour europe an japan next year, get a good deal and have lots of fun!!! Like always!!

q-That's all. Please, add anything you want, any words we forget or anything else

Thanx a lot Andy for this interview, any people interested in our band check our web site, wait for our new killing stuff, and also check our Tribute cd comp released by American Line Prods in Mexico and soon to be repress on Obliteration Records in Japan!!! Rmember; !!!GRINDCORE IS NEVER TOO LOUD!!!