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In loving memory and tribute to all the lives tragically lost September 11, 2001

God Bless America

HI! I'm Terri and Welcome to My Little Part of the Internet

You are visitor

thanks for stoping by and please do come again :-)

Meet me and my family

I make and sell Whimsical Cakes

Beat the heat with Comfy Coolers

Want to know why April 17th 2000 was one of the happiest day's of my life?

My nick name is ELMO it was given me by some of my friends here on the internet, they say I laugh to much.

he he he he he he he he he he he he

I Make and rent Halloween Costumes Please take a look at them at them at Costumes4Rent

I was so pleased when I got asked to design and make the Cheer Squad uniforms for our Jr. High Cheer Squad

I had a dream come true when I got to make the dresses for my Cousin Johnny's Wedding


I use to be a Barbie Collector it was a fun time in my life. I have since grown out of that stage of my life. Could it be that I have finally grown up??


At one point I had over 700 Barbies IKES

I really enjoyed all the tiny creations I made for my fashion doll, and sharing them with my friends. Please take a look at My Customized Dolls

*Sewing Terri*

Here is what some people had said about dolls they have received from me.

I have made some Doll fashions in Adult sizes.

Here are some of my Custom Creations

I really enjoyed doing Swaps. I hope you enjoy seeing these Creations. Some of these are done by myself and some are done by other collectors.

If you have a Swap that you would like added here please email me and I would be happy to put it on here.

Here is a artical the ran in the April 1999 issue of Barbie Bazaar Where I am pictured and there is a small write up about my custom creations

I was featured on the front page of our local paper, here is a copy of the interwiew

Our Vacations

Trip to Las Vegas 2001

Alaska Cruise 2001

Our Fun Weekend in Texas at the Katy Kollectibles Jim Faraone Originals show 1999

Read all about the fun we had on the 1998

Fashion Doll Cruise

Scrapbook of the same cruise

1997 Cruise

Other Vacations we have taken. Maybe someday I will get time to scan pictures

Hawaiia 2003

Disneyland 2002

20th Class Reunion in Seattle

Family Cruise 1999

Disney World 1996

Disneyland 1993

Imagine my shock to see both of My Daughters in Handcuffs

Take a look at my Tattoo's

Photo Albums

Please come and visit our Cats and see why the are the loves of our lives.

Album of friends

Here are photo's of a very special internet friend I got to meet Lori BC Chick

The Shooting in Fort Worth Texas on September 15th 1999 took the life of Justin Rae, his mother Jrae and I are friends, we met in a chat room and I got the honor of meeting her on our trip to Texas in April.

My Tribute to Columbine High.

I am very proud to recieve this award please visit there web sight at Majon

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This Page was started 7-31-97

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