The Aftermath

The person now known to you as Leslie is now an adult you know as Madame Noel. These traumas have had a large impact on my life. "Leslie" is now what I call a quirk; she is one of 4 quirks I have. Think of quirks as a milder version of alters, or alternate personalities that someone suffering from multiple personality disorder (MPD) has. Leslie will always be stuck at the ages of 12 to 16.

Leslie is, as I mentioned, only one of the 5 of me. Krissy is 5 years old, perpetually at the age when my mother decided I wasn't good enough or smart enough or pretty enough. My name will not be published on this website, but you can call me Noel. Right now, I am 20, and I am bisexual and married. It is my biography you can read elsewhere on this site. Deb is a 27 year old lesbian, who functions as the protector, the glue for the lot of us. The 5th quirk is simply known as The is from her that I receive inspirations for stories, poems, and songs.

I don't know if "we" will ever fully recover from being addicted to drugs, forced into prostitution, and raped. I don't know if full recovery is even possible. What I do know, however, is that growth is possible. And from growth comes strength. And from that strength has come the story you just read, and the song below. All five of us contributed in some way. Krissy wrote the beginning. Leslie contributed the lyrics. The Muse gave the melody. I had the "technical" knowledge of how to write a song. Deb kept us sane while we composed.

I Survive

I was just a child. Life was worthwhile.

Then I met you, and everything changed.

You taught me about sex and love,

About drugs and guns along the way.

And on that summer day, you took my innocence away.

But now you're dead and gone, but my life is moving on

Cause I, I survive.

I loved you. I trusted you.

I thought that you were my friend.

But that night, I got such a fright,

I hoped that my life would end.

I tried to resist, but you just used your fist.

And I tried to say NO! But you would not let go!

But I, I survive!

Now I am old. I've been bought and sold.

You took all my hopes away.

But, as I grew, all my dreams came true

And I have gained strength from that day.

I thought that I would die, but all I did was cry.

Now it's the past that's dead. My future lies ahead.

Cause I, I survive.

Yes, I, I survive.

And now, my story is told.

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