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Big news about my site! I will no more be the one who will take care of this site until someone e-mails me asking me to give my site to you. It is important that you know well how to build a site so you can make "Spice FOREVER" standing great! I will be giving my site away to a person, that I can trust, e-mail me with full info of you about your experience of making website and making graphics, tell me about how you make your site great! One will win this site, even if you already have a site!!! If I already know you, you don't have to give info's... And also, if you have a website of a Spice Girls, it is important that you send the link to me so I can check how well you make a website and graphics too!!!

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Site Updates....

February 1, 2000
New design to ring in the new year and the Millenium!

September 16, 1999
One link added and has been chosen to be one of the "Banner of The Month", Sugar & Spice.

September 2, 1999
I recieved an award and added it's link from, Choose Life Choose Spice.

September 1, 1999
New Banners of The Month!

August 31, 1999
One link added, The Geri Lair.
One Free graphics banner added.

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