Paul Is Dead!?!

"Paul is dead"
clues compilation:

The "Paul is dead" rumor was first reported on
October 12, 1969, by disc jockey Russ Gibb, of WKNR-FM,
Detroit. Russ had received a phone call beforehand,
instructing him to listen to certain Beatles song
passages, some backwards, and to look at certain album
cover clues.
This document is a compilation of all the clues that
I have read about in previous documents and books.
It is an attempt to organize and present the most
highly-regarded clues.

1. On the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,
the word "Beatles" is spelled out in flowers on a grave
(notice that the wax dummys of George, Ringo and Paul
are looking at the grave, John is not). Amid the grave
are yellow flowers shaped like a guitar. From a distance,
the flowers appear to spell out "P A U L ?".

2. On the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club
Band, it appears that the small doll in the green dress is
looking at a toy car plummeting in flames. (Also note the
small toy car on the lap of the doll wearing the Rolling
Stones shirt.

3. On the back cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club
Band, Paul's back is turned to the camera, again signifying
that he does not fit in.

4. On the back cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club
Band, George is pointing at the lyrics "Wednesday morning
at five o'clock", the supposed time of Paul's death.
(Other note: Each Beatle is making a letter for the word
"love". Notice George's "L" made with the thumb, John's
"V" made with the hands folded into his pants, and Ringo's
"E" made by folding one hand into the other.
Only Paul does not "make" a letter. He is the hole
where the "O" should be.

5. If you hold a mirror horizontally across the words
" LONELY HEARTS" on the bass drum on the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
, with the reflective part of the mirror pointing away from you,
the letters in both the mirror and the album collectively spell out "1 ONE 1 X= HE/DIE".
The "/" points at Paul.
One and one and one is three? Paul has been crossed out?

6. The words "dying to take you away" are sung in the song "Magical Mystery Tour".

7. Inside the booklet accompanying Magical Mystery Tour,
"I Am The Walrus" is subtitled, "No you're not, said Little Nicola".
Apparently the walrus (in some cultures, a symbol of death)
is somebody else (which is stated later in this document).
The song itself fades to a death scene from Shakespeare's King Lear.

8. Inside the booklet accompanying Magical Mystery Tour,
there is a picture,
using a wide-angle lens, showing people/Beatles dining.
If you turn the picture 90 degrees to the right and stare at a distance,
the beret of the diner nearest the camera appears to be the left eye socket of a skull, which can be made out.
This picture was deliberately planted; it is the only photo in the book not from the film.

9. Inside the booklet accompanying Magical Mystery Tour, on the picture showing the Beatles playing, Ringo's bass drum has a small "3" on it. Only 3 Beatles?

Also 1 one I X could also be the date he died.
Two ones makes 11,and IX is roman numero nine, 11/9.
Plus on the cover of it there is a grey man that looks like a statue, that's the priest, you can tell by his collar, and he's in the grave.
Lastly, it doesn't say "BEATLES" in flowers,
at the end of BEATLES is an O,
it really says the place paul's buried: BE/ AT/ LESO.

Magical Mystery Tour Clues (more albums to be posted later)

Page 2 Paul's magicians hat is pulled down over his face. Hiding his face because it is not
really him.
Page 2 Paul's magicians hat is the only one with black flowers on it.
Page 2 "AWAY IN THE SKY, beyond the clouds, live 4 or 5 Magicans." There were only four
Beatles, unless you count William.
Page 4 & 5 Ringo's drum reads "LOVE THE 3 BEATLES."
If you turn it sideways the people in white spell out "RIP."
Lyric Alert
I Am the Walrus
stupid bloody Tuesday
The day of Paul's death. The next day, Wednesday morning,
a news paper, which had reported the automobile accident that killed Paul,
was recalled. See Lady Madonna and She's Leaving Home for
references to the Wednesday morning after the death.
I am the walrus
According to the PID Myth, the walrus is a sign of death
in some cultures. See Glass Onion for the follow-up of this clue.
Hello Goodbye
I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello
Because William Campbell is joining the Beatles, while
Paul is assuming room temperature somewhere in his yellow submarine.
You say stop, and I say go, go, go
Paul continued to go, even though the light was telling him to stop.
Strawberry Fields Forever
Is John saying "I buried Paul" at the end of the song?
All You Need is Love
Traditional PID mythology says that John announces "Yes, he's dead...We
love you, yeah, yeah, yeah. We love you, yeah, yeah, yeah." You be the

Hi All! This page has been LONG due for an update. I will soon have info on EVERY album
concerning "Paul Is Dead" and I will have it in JAVA SCRIPT. That update will happen
in the next few weeks. So Keep checking up on this page!


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