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`~^*'-,_|x| Melayne |x|_,-'*^~`

When a wind wisps through your fingers,
Where doth thou wander to seek it?
and When, by chance, the breeze is found,
how could thou struggle to keep it?
When pulled by mirth and sanguine wild
when veins are cloud and the spirit, child
The heart of beauty and enchanting smile,
Perhaps.... could you dream it?

~Melayne Dreyla~

Upon the zephyrs of wind and sky, dark~ a night that wind whistled in naught one direction, but all directions.. borne was this child, motherless.. fatherless... but carried was she by brethren winds to a camp of Amazons and warrioresses to be raised in their code of honor. Growing a strong and coy girl, she came to have a blaze of silver tresses that widened the eyes of her Amazon sisters- so glossy and with shimmering lustre from the youngest age, the camp thought upon her head was a crown of the essence of stars. Her mouth formed what the Sisters thought to be a cherry's blood and pout. Hunting, riding, fighting; all active play she flew to as a child and mastered with cleverness and skill, enthusiasm of a child always. And so, she came to be nineteen, a beaming youth- however the serenity at times of her violet eyes proved otherwise. She decided to leave the tall, stilted tents of animal skins and musty crafted wood of the Amazons after her Birth Mother had died of a disease passed in the camp. Taking nothing but her sword Arcanique, she set out and stumbled upon Rhydin... finding it at terrible fault, decided this was her "home". She appears in bars, taverns, Ah! the Amazons did teach her to drink like no other. She causes a great wonderful stir of crazy fun often,and fights for sport sometimes~ proving her strength and fiesty spirit to whomever wishes to spar her, knowing it doesn't matter whether she wins or loses. Much of her Amazon temperament has faded to a thin nothing, her lady-like countenance is uncanny disguise.. Thus she came about to this realm....

A damsel of the breeze, but lacking a damsel's innocence, though she hasn't lost it... the angelic lady stands at a 5'6~

Silver silk ringlets cascade in a softened waterfall to the small of her back that meets her silph waist... some tendrils linger on shoulders left almost bare by a gown that seems crafted from the milky way, an iridescent silk- however it doesn't reveal much. Strands lick her face, tingling her nose and leaving parts in her eyes... The violet pools ripple with light and are ever deep... when a smile flows over her rosy lips, the contrast of her creamy complexion to her crimson tinted lips is extraordinary.. a slight turn of her neck may bring her face to a passing moon ray and perhaps light her gentle features in pulchritude... a slit curves it's way like a rivulet up her gown only a little ways, however, not revealing the form beneath~ her feet often bare, she moves like a leaf in the wind and passes as quickly...


[click above for full character pic~ taken from Anime: Ah!My Goddess]