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The Movie

Evita, done by Warner Brothers in 1997, is based on the Broadway rock-opera of the same name. Evita is done entirely in song. Thus, the reason it's a rock-opera and not your normal run-of-the-mill musical. There are a total of 31 seperate songs in the movie, 2 more than the Broadway production. For more on the movie (a brief synopsis of each scene, and pictures of the stars from the premiere) click here.

For more on the movie Evita, please visit

The Music

Please follow this link to get more info on the music from Evita, such as lyrics to every song, background information on each song and where in the movie the song takes place.

The Legend

A common myth about Evita Peron is that she was little more than a whore who slept her way to the top. It is my mission to blast this myth to pieces. And I will do that in the next section:

The Woman

To learn more about the "real" Eva Peron, please follow this link:
Evita: the Real Woman

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