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Hey everybody. Welcome to the "DC Comics Young Heroes RPG". This site was envisioned so that you could act as your favorite young DC heroes through messageboards, chat sessions and e-mail groups. This is the way the RPG will run; we'll start off in a special e-mail group called The Young Heroes RPG. Following soon after that we'll expand into our own messageboards at this site, and from time to time we'll go on quests in our very own Xoom chatrooms. Sound good?

The following list are the characters in the RPG, ones with names beside them are taken, any others are fair game until all've our characters are filled up. When signing up below or at the main RPG page, be sure to include your e-mail address so we can send you info as to what's going on in the RPG and other such stuff.


Robin-Doug Lee-Robin is the partener of Batman, his love interest is Spoiler. He fights along with Batman, Spoiler, solo and is the leader of Young Justice. He has no super human powers but has quick agility and great detective skills.


Impulse-James Cooper-Impulse is the up and coming Flash, he fights solo and on the Young Justice team. His super human powers are quick as light speed.


Superboy-Free-Superboy is the heir to the Superman cape once, if, the big guy passes away, he also is currently fighting solo and with the Young Justice team. His super human powers are just like superman's except done with telekenesis.

The Secret

The Secret-Free-Secret is one of two females fighting on the Young Justice team. Her super human power is the ability to turn into a mist- like form.


Arrowette-Free-Arrowette is the other female on Young Justice, she has no super powers but has extreme accuracy with a bow and arrow.


Spoiler-Free-Spoiler is for now, a reserve member of Young Justice, she is currently pregant. Robin visits her under an alias of Alvin Draper so his secret-identity isn't given away. The two of them are currently dating. Spoiler has no super powers but like Robin she has incredible agility.

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Once you're done filling out the form you should get a notice of authorization from me telling you if the character is open, if it's yours, etc. If you want to add a character to our list or even create a new one, tell me their powers and provide a picture of the charcter and we will add it. While you're here why not visit my main page Blade Fighter's Secret Page and the videogame page that I work for Gaming Review Monthly Online. Anyway, enjoy and see you at the RPG!

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