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Ethical consumerism. Its a hard concept to put into practice despite how easy it originally may seem. These pages are a work in progress, a guide to ethical consumerism for dummies if you will, with yours truly being the case study dummy.

For years I've meant to become more aware of the political and social consequences behind the items and brands that I purchase. And I have on a half hearted level applied some of my knowledge to the way that I shop, like trying to buy organic foods, or make-up that hasn't been tested on animals, or by being vegetarian. But on the whole I haven't really pursued the subject, or sought to inform myself enough about some of the rumours or boycotts that I've heard about. These pages are my attempt to do just that. To create a type of 12 step, 101, beginners guide to understanding ethical consumerism and applying it in our day to day lives.

Essentially I envision these pages to be a work in progress, a journal of sorts about one persons attempt to become a more ethical consumer with ideas and tips of where to start, how to start, where to go for resources and information, all based on my own personal experiences. All the while keeping in mind that I'm no expert, I'm just your average schmuck that decided to become a little more conscientous and active in our modern society, and make a website about it!

On a more serious note, part of the reason I decided to create this website has to do with the fact that I feel like my generation, myself included, struggles with an overwhelming sense of apathy, or inability to make a difference. Even though we have all heard the catch phrase that one person can make a difference it still feels improbable that we alone, ourselves can really make a significant contribution. So instead we sit back and watch the world go by, frustrated and unhappy about the situation, but unsure of where or how to begin. And then, because this frustration only makes us angrier and more frustrated we become numb and ignorant, because after all, ignorance is bliss isn't it? So while these pages are mainly meant to be about ethical consumerism, they are also meant to be about a challenge, for me as well as for others, to get off the couch, throw away the remote control and the magazines, and everything else that we use to divert ourselves from reality, and to act, to become aware, and involved in our neighbourhood, then our community, our cities, our provinces, or states, our country and finally, our world.

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