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War on Iraq

Ah yes, Bush has recently declared war on Iraq. You know, Sadam Hussien vs. oil-hungry republicans. Sound familiar. It should. IT'S THE GULF WAR!!! Only this time it's little Dubbya's turn to finish what his daddy couldn't. Yep, that's right. I know many of you are saying "No, Sadam is evil." Yes, he is, but we don't need Bush here pointing fingers like a little kidnergartener.

I say, finish what you started before going on some insane crusade. Remember Osama Bin Laden? Ah yes. The fact is, if Osama hadn't sent in his most recent tape, we probably would've forgotten all about him. I can just hear all the republicans swearing under their breath. I say, GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!! Finish one of your little campaigns before you take our money to pay for a whole new one.

Please, this whole thing sickens me. Everybody knows war boosts the economy. So when little daddy's boy here runs into the slightest bit of trouble, he finds a loophole so he won't have to think of a real solution. And so he picks someone that has a different view than we do–we don't like that–and boom, everyone's eyes shift over to Iraq. Then when the economy actually does go up, because of the war, he'll say "Look at the great president you have." Not to mention re-election. If he can put the blame on somebody else for a while, maybe he can become the good guy.

To add to all this confusion, we now have Kim Jong Il over here saying "Uh, remember us. Yeah, we have bombs too." Since everybody hates us, they decide to listen to the people for once and campaign against public enemy #1. Yeah, he finally noticed the constant flag burnings, oh, I don't know, ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! and decided to do something about it. What a nice man.

This war'll be even more fun, because this time we're not the only ones with the big nukes. Yeah, we could actually get nuked this time. Gulp. One of these warheads would make Pearl Harbor look like a light shower. Now do you realize what your tax dollars are paying for? Possible global destruction! And all for what? Oil? Ok, you are president. At least technically, because even with the U.S.'s "perfect" voting system, you found a way through all that democratic crap: dirty money and the utter stupidness of our country's citizens–Check the box next to the person you wish to vote for "Man, this is confusing. Must be some sorta trick to it."–(sigh)God bless America, I guess.

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." –Albert Einstein

UPDATE- 3/25/03

Ok, sorry, I'm a little late on this, but I've finally gotten around to it, so shut up. The war started last week, with the president (won't capitalize it) giving his speech concerning the fate of Saddam and Iraq. I'll spare you the details. Overall, Bush stated that we would attack Iraq with tremendous force, and that his regime would be destroyed. He also gave Saddam one last chance to flee his country and spare the bloodshed. Also, which I found very amusing, he asked the Saddam's followers not to burn Iraqi oil fields, which belong to the Iraqi people (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

We've been at war for at least a week. So here's the current situation: the first few days we bombard Baghdad. Now, the Iraqi military starts getting desperate. We fear they may be switching to guerilla warfare, using new tactics: 1) keeping civilians in nuclear factories to prevent bombings 2) Sadam reportedly has several lookalikes trained to act and sound like him, and worst of all 3) Iraqi soldiers dressing up like civilians and attacking passing soldiers caught off guard.

I deeply discourage these tactics, but I think we should've expected something like this coming into this war. We're the most powerful country on Earth, and Saddam obviously doesn't want to give up power, so they're going to go to extreme lengths to win this war.

UPDATE- 4/10/03

I may be a little late on this one, but I got it. It seems that three days ago, the U.S. military acquired information that Saddam Hussein would be arriving at a Baghdad restaurant to meet his two sons. Not wanting to miss this chance to blow something up, the U.S. launched a bunker buster bomb at the restaurant, leaving a pile of rubble and a smoking crater.

Now, the question is, Is Saddam dead? The military has yet to give us an answer, but the residents of Baghdad seem to think so. All were joyous as they looted offices and destroyed all likenesses of Saddam within the city. Yes, Baghdad is under U.S. control. I will never forget the image of a young Iraqi boy smiling as he beat the head of a decapitated Saddam statue being dragged through the street. Ah, freedom. I suppose there is only one question left to be answered: Now what?