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Mob Mentality

The Mob. What is it about that interaction of violence that always seems to bring out the primitive nature in people? The intensity and excitement of mob involvement can drive a normally humane person into a violent rage, focusing all their anger on one goal. I have written an example to help you better understand the workings of mobs.

I live a normal life. Good job. Steady pay. Two lovely kids.

I run out for a carton of milk. Should only take a second.

I push open the door to the store, I can hear the bell ding.

But what's that over there? Two men fighting, shouting curses at each other.

One man takes a gun out, shoots the other fellow.

I see it all. The whole neighborhood does.

He can't get away with this. I rush over to the man.

I see his eyes roll back into his head. A human life. He took a human life.

I see the coward slip into an alley. So do they.

The others find him first, attacking him from behind.

He falls to the ground. Their fists and feet become one in an unholy alliance.

As I reach the crowd, my eyes blaze with hatred. I become another part of the mob.

Together, we are justice. We are the judge and the jury.

When the job is finished, we slowly drift apart again, the excitement vanished.

The cold, salty air grips me once again and my rationality returns.

I realize what I have done, but it is too late.

As I feel the cold steel of the handcuffs on my wrist, I think to myself:

I just came out to buy some milk.