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This site is dedicated to giving you the truth. While other sites cram flashy graphics and spiffy animations down your throat, all I ask is that you hear my opinion. If you don't like it, fine, tell me where I'm wrong. And the fact still stands that you don't have to view my site.

To all those who have seen my site before, I apologize for the delay. My page was somehow deleted and all of my articles were lost. If you, by some chance, have a copy of any of these articles, please let me know. It's been a while, but my page is back up, and I've added a new logo. It's going to take some time, but I'll try to make this site as good as it was before, maybe even better. Please bear with me.

"Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever." ľNapoleon Bonaparte

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Since I can't seem to find my older articles (if I find them I will put them up), so I'm starting something else. Every so often, I'll put up a poll. I don't feel like setting up one of those Javascript ones, so I'll have you guys e-mail me with your votes and why you voted the way you did. Click the links below to go to the poll pages.

Most Hated Dictator

5/2/03-By Wolfgang

Ok, I've got a lot of things to say, so sit back and get comfortable.

When our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and drafted the Constitution, their original goal was to provide freedom for all Americans. Now, people are taking these ideas and warping them for their benefit. Our country is populated by bigots, tyrants, slobs, freeloaders, thieves, and spoiled brats, and they're all allowed to go on making other people's lives miserable just because of a two hundred year old law that has nothing to do with them. Most of the Constitution is outdated and no longer applies to our rapidly changing society. If the founding fathers were here today, they'd be sorry they'd ever written the thing.

And why is it in our society that any time someone chooses to go against the norm and express themself, everybody has to question them? I see dozens of Abercrombie-wearing kids, but I don't pester them about the fact that they look just like everyody else, but they feel that just because I don't want to be another drone, they must ask me why I feel the need to grow my hair out, or wear different clothes. And I don't encourage putting labels on people. People see a kid listening to heavy metal and wearing baggy pants, and they automatically think "goth."

How is it that a country designed to give freedom to the people allows a thing like Enron to happen? More and more, we are seeing these corporate bigwhigs manipulating their employees to extract money from them. They get more money than some people could even dream of, and still they feel the need to steal the hard-earned money of others. I thought we were all supposed to be equal. This isn't equality, it's tyranny.

If this country is supposed to be about brotherhood and equality, why is it that everybody treats each other like dirt? Bigots are allowed to walk free, and when you don't like someone, our culture tells us to beat them up. Talking isn't even an option anymore, and peace is a myth. And if you say you don't want to fight, you are called a wuss. I know it sounds corny, but why can't people just stop beating the crap out of each other and remember what this country is supposed to be about?

4/8/03-By Wolfgang

I recently had a conversation with my dear, dear friend at school. He said that he listens to Eminem, and that's cool because Eminem may portray these violent images, but he doesn't really believe in most of them.

The fact is that Eminem isn't really a music artist. People may say that they listen to him because they like the beat, or that he sings good, but if he were singing about sunshine and daisies, no one would've listened to him. Eminem feeds on controversy. Kids hear him bashing gays or talking about beating women, they want to be rebellious, so they listen to it.

Also, the fact that Eminem doesn't even believe in most of these things is even more ludicrous. You should sing about your feelings and your opinion, not topics that will get you more publicity. Eminem is a fraud, yet these punk teens still get earrings and join gangs all for the sake of some guy who doesn't even believe in this crap!

4/7/03-By Wolfgang

Ok, here is my first article since the deletion of my main page. I probably won't be able to get my old articles back, so if I repeat some points I've already stated, shut up.

All right, here's a topic I've already discussed, but I feel needs to be re-explored. Communism. I myself am a communist. Well, not technically, since I'm not an active politician, but I do believe in the basic principles set up in Marxism, which were later applied in communism, resulting in a sort of distorting of these same principles. I suppose I should call myself a Marxist, but nobody really knows who he is, except for intelligent people such as myself, who are in small abundance nowadays, and I don't feel like explaining who he is to every dimwit that comes up to me.

All right, many of you are still wondering, "What is communism?" Well, in theory, it is a classless society with no social divisions and no private property. This means that everyone is equal, so no one would steal from someone on the same plane as them. Everyone works for the good of the community. Maybe some of you are saying, "I don't want to work if I don't get all of my dues." Well, you selfish, joke-of-a-human-being, by doing this, the whole community would prosper, and the living conditions would be equal throughout the entire state. In a capitalist state, spoiled brats with no potential at all can inherit entire fortunes, while imaginative people born into poor families don't get as many chances to develop their ideas. Our country is overrun with homeless people. If they had a chance to go further with their ideas, there's no telling how many new neurosurgeons or rocket scientists or even world famous writers we might have. Instead we leave them to die in a pile of dirty needles and their own puke. What a shame.