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A Wiccan's Apologetics

A Wiccan's Apologetics

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First off I am not here to apologize for my choice of faith. Apologetics is a systematic defense of one's beliefs which is exactly what this page is. In the past few years I have seen an alarming rise in the number of "good Christian" sites that are doing nothing more than misleading and outright bashing witches. One has gone as far as to practically condone the murder of witches with quotes from the bible. I was raised Southern Baptist and I know better than to take a scripture from the bible and try to make it stand on it's own. It's called taking things out of context. I have included links to that very site and one other that was very well researched and still came to the conclusion that ALL witches are Satanists. Not only Wiccans were targeted by this site either. They believed ALL religions false but their own this included Catholics, Mormon's, and Jews among others. The second two links go to Wiccan sites that will give the truth about the Wiccan path.
Well then perhaps it is time to start that systematic defense. I am going to start with the most basic of misconceptions about Wiccans. I am not going to confuse you with the many different beliefs of all the different traditions. I am simply going to defend MY beliefs.

1. Wiccans are NOT Satanists. Whether or not you believe this is of course still entirely up to you, but I hope that you read further and come to the logical and correct conclusion. Satanists worship a deity Wiccans do not even believe in. In Christianity Satan is a Fallen Angel cast out of heaven. He is seen as the tempter of men. Everyone knows the saying, "The Devil made me do it." There is no such thought in the Wiccan belief system. I do not believe that we are tempted by some evil entity into doing bad things. If you do something wrong in Wicca it is all on your head no one (not even the Devil) made you or even tempted you to do it. Frightening thought isn't it? To have no one to blame but yourself.
2. I do not sacrifice or abuse ANY living in the name of the Goddess or the God. I could never and would never do such a thing. It goes against all that I believe in. To be at peace with man, nature, myself, and God/dess. Offerings are made in the form of food and drink never in blood.
3. Now comes the most confusing of subjects. Do I believe in more than one God/dess. No I do not. Just as Christians believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I believe in the God and the Goddess also known as the Lord and the Lady. Though I may call on the Goddess for one prayer I may also call on the God in another, yet no matter which I am always speaking to the same entity. It's called Henotheism.
4. Are you a good witch or a bad witch? That's right, Dorothy's age old question still applies. I am a good witch. I do not practice black magic and I do not put curses on people. I do not do magic for money and as I stated before I do not sacrifice small animals (or large ones) or humans to "appease the Gods". I will not tell you that there are no bad witches because of course that would be a lie. There are bad and evil people in EVERY religion including Christianity. I cannot help that some "Wiccans" practice black magic anymore than a Christian can help that another "Christian" would sexually abuse children. I use the quotations because I do not believe that anyone commiting such grave and evil acts should be allowed to claim any faith.

I hope to have another page up soon so that I may give examples and explain some the symbols used in Wicca that have long been mistaken for Satanic. This page as well will be altered and under ongoing construction for some time. I hope to post recipes and perhaps even keep a sort of journal for my Esbats and Sabbats here. Don't forget to bookmark this page and check back for more about me, religion, and some entertainment. Didn't I mention what a great sense of humor I had? By the way my email should appear on this page. I welcome feedback and suggestions on my page.


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