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the bus stops again at the street and again its up to me and the building crests i see the school on the side a blue sky hangs above me and i see the little shop i stop for gum and a candy bar a smile on my face i hop the guard rail and fly to the corner i pause and put my face into my hands the mall is on the crest i pick it up and walk i strap it tighter on my shoulder a paper hangs of my my backpack a note in red ink slowly fades a rain drops into my eyes and i cry tears for you i stumble on the block after i kiss your eyes and laugh at the joke you know it was a joke you say this always pases and that ill keep it forever and you'll write i will for awhile i found one of your writings today and held it to my heart and stacked it with my writings a morning in grey skies hangs overhead and i picked up a carton i strolled merrly along the way with a smile and a skip in my step along the old teachers place and the old place from last with my best friend jumps from the church steps and slides spread the blanket let me lay with you i put my arms over you and grin in the shadows i am happy i lay awake headphones half off i think of nothing i drift to the place before sleep morning comes and you are there a carnaval makes me sad i hold your hand and it is enough the pain pierces again i see it again the school in the winter a letter in the snow in my pocket i kneel at the tower and read your letter and words i cant understand the meaning i am trying to leave the tower it never got better you are there i see a figure on the escalators and into the candy shop i hear a box of candy jingle in your bag you ask me again if am going to talk but i didnt then