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   Don Ferguson's Feller Pages  

What's New?

8/18/03 Everything! (at least it's new here)

8/19/03 Two photo galleries

8/20/03 One photo gallery

8/21/03 Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3
links removed due to reorganization) 

9/05/03 Serious text editing and reorganization
            (Credit where it's due.
                 Changes made on the basis of advice from Rick Elger.
               Yes, Virginia, that is the sound of Hell freezing over!)

9/11/03  Doug Moore's photo gallery 
             (This is the first time I've posted these photos)

10/22/03 a brief treatment of several military-related aspects of Feller "history".  The Fort Lennox material was largely produced, and is indirectly administered by Andy McCullough.