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Year 1: 01 October 1964 - 30 June 1965 


Commanding Officer:   Captain A.M. Burridge 

Instructors:     Lieutenant G. Lortie

                    Lieutenant G. Maybee

                    Staff Sergeant M. Desjardins 

Cadet Commanding Officer:  

Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major:   


01 October 1964 

A Corps of Army Cadets, under the sponsorship of A Squadron, Royal Canadian Hussars, St. Jean, QC, was formed and housed in a boarding school, Institut Feller College located Grande Ligne, QC, a few miles from St. Jean.  As was its Sea Cadet Corps predecessor, it was named "FORT LENNOX" after Fort Lennox National Historic Site of Canada located on Ile-aux-Noix, QC in the Richelieu River just north of the United States border. 


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Year 2: 01 September 1965 - 30 June 1966 


Commanding Officer:  Captain A.M. Burridge 


Cadet Commanding Officer:  Major Wayne Foley  

Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major:  Douglas Payne


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Year 3: 01 September 1966 - 30 June 1967


Commanding Officer:  Captain Lloyd Meldrum


Cadet Commanding Officer:  Major Douglas Payne

Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major:  Mike Desjardins


May 1967

Continuing a tradition first introduced by the Sea Cadet Corps RCSCC FORT LENNOX, in May 1959, the entire Corps paraded in full dress uniform at its namesake "Fort Lennox" on Ile-aux-Nois, QC. 

30 June 1967

With the closing of Institut Feller, RCACC FORT LENNOX was decommissioned. 

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