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Internment Camp 44, Grande Ligne, 1943 - 1946

During the second world war, the buildings and grounds of L'Institut Feller were used as a prisoner of war camp, designated Internment Camp 44.  There have been a few articles and books written in which Camp 44 figured prominently.  I have copied parts of some of them and provide some links to additional websites that deal with this aspect of Feller's past.

The Captive years - an interesting article reprinted in L'Echo 1963.

Trops Long de Berlin - a book about German POWs in Canada

u-35 POWs - this is a web site maintained by members of the crew of U-boat 35, some of whom were POWs at Camp 44.  There are a few narratives about and photos taken in Camp 44.  Much of the information is tucked away in the personal pages of the crew members.

quebec camps - this site outlines some of the history of Qubec's internment camps.  Camp 44 is mentioned.

canadian military - this site outlines Canada's military contributions.  Camp 44 is again mentioned briefly. - this is but one of several somewhat unusual sites that deals in collectibles and memorabilia.  Apparently, a letter or postcard sent from the internment camp at Grande Ligne (item # 078) is now worth something.  Alas, I fear any of the letters we may have sent from the "camp" may not be of interest to these individuals.