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 Don Ferguson's Feller Memories 

Feller College, was a co-educational boarding school located in the rural hamlet of Grande Ligne, approximately 30 miles (50 Km) southeast of  Montreal, Quebec.   Institut Feller was founded in 1836, by Mme. Henriette Feller, and at least during the last several decades of its existence, the school was administered  by the Grande Ligne Mission.  This organization was responsible for overseeing the operations of the school and a number of bilingual and unilingual francophone Baptist churches.  The school was in operation from 1836 until the mid 60s, with the last class graduating in 1966.  Sadly, the historic main building that housed the student dorms, most of the classrooms, the chapel and the dining hall, burned down in December, 1968.  Many more details of the history as well as the reasons why many of the alumni (inmates?) remember Feller as an extraordinary place can be found by following the links on my links page (when I get it loaded).

What's New June 2007 - some new stuff I found when cleaning out some boxes

Partial cast of "characters"
Early years
High School 

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"History" of Military Affiliations - a joint effort with Andy McCullough

The "other" personal web site devoted to Feller College, Grande Ligne, Quebec


*This is a scan of the actual crest that I removed from my last Feller blazer.  
          I had to do this so that I could wear it as part of my school uniform when
            I attended Lindsay Place High School for grade 12 in 1964-65. 

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